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Thread: starting an adventure

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    starting an adventure

    I was injured in aug 2007, c2c3 fracture, central cord syndrome. I have been a slient consumer of much advice and counsel the last few years and I thank you.
    My dream has always been to ride my bike across country, and i think it is time.
    If you have any interest in following the story, the details are on
    the ride is a fundraiser for the RIC
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    Very cool!

    Great story on TODAY. I've seen you on that vid and photos before, but didn't know you were a member here. Are you still training with Judd?

    Good luck on your ride... I'll be following it.

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    thank you, yep still working with judd

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    Good luck man, sounds fun. There is another guy on here who is about to start a handcycle ride across the country. He posted yesterday or the day before.
    Please donate a dollar a day at
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    Mark, will you be using a recumbent handcycle or footcycle as you trek from California to Florida?

    Good luck!
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    recumbent tricycle, foot driven, two wheels in front, large one back.

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