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Thread: Bowel Blockage??? Help

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    Bowel Blockage??? Help

    Has anyone had a blockage before?? I need to know what it felt like.. I have a pain in my stomach that I can't explain. I feel like I'm going to throw up. And my head hurts but it's manageable for now. My face is hot. I'm so misrable.. I know if I go to the ER they'll know nothing. I might get a x ray of my stomach but that's it. I really don't want to be put in the hospital so they can trouble shoot ideas.. Any info will help.. And yes I know I should go to the ER but I need to know what it might be before I deal with those idiots!
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    Sorry you are feeling poorly. Just have a few questions.

    Have you been constipated?
    When did you last have a bowel movement? pass gas?
    Are you bloated?
    Is the pain constant or does it come and go?
    Do you have a temperature?
    Are you nauseated? Have you vomited?
    How do you usually manage your bowel program?
    ***Fiber supplements, laxatives, magic bullet suppositories, enemeez, other?
    Have you tried any laxatives?
    There is a diagram of the abdominal region attached below. Can you identify where you are having pain?

    With answers to these questions, maybe the SCI nurses will have a suggestion.

    All the best,

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    I took laxatives about 4 days ago, and had a bowel movement.. It was loose and no a whole lot. I'm not sure just how much I should be going. My eating habits arn't normal, I eat once a day and it depends on what's made, wether I eat alot.. I sometimes eat just a salad or yogurt and a banana.. I do a magic bullet every other day unless I'm not eating much then I wait an extra day.. I try to remember to take my maralax every day but I do forget at times.. I'am bloated, I'm passing gas I just took some laxitives to try and see if it helps..I was nauseated but it comes and goes.. As does the pain. I'm on Cipro for a UTI but I really don't think it's connected.. I've been on the med's since Tues and all my symptoms are gone now.. Also I had the stomach ache before I started getting symptoms for the UTI..I can't pin point the pain but my stomach is tender every where it seems.. Ugh this sucks and I hope I can fix it...
    It is not how we fall that defines us..
    It is how we rise.

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    What kind of laxative did you take?

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    I would suggest you get in touch with proper medical services just in case you have an appendicitis or diverticulitis. Do you suffer from Autonomic Disreflexia? If you do then a few of your symptoms are classic AD so I really would seek medical help as soon ss possible.
    Otherwise I would start swallowing lots of water and increased dosages of oral laxatives such as Movicol if you have it and fibre for bulk to shift things
    Good luck

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    Go to and print out the info booklet on patient bowel care. It explains about an impaction. Then go to your doctor if he can see you right away for an xray or head to the ER especially if you have any fever. If the ER docs are at a lose tell them to go to and read about the doctor's version of an impacted bowel in people with SCIs. Watery diahhrea is what happens when you have a blockage and things begin to around it. You need to get the impaction to move. Good luck but get moving.
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    Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.

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    How are you feeling today?

    All the best,

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    Sue gave you great advice. Hope that you are doing better.

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