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    "$10 million project involving five research institutions in or near the Texas Medical Center. The long-term goal is to reverse spinal cord injuries."

    And how does this reverse?
    From literal autistic perspective at first considerations there is not straight noticed any reverse whatsoever. Stuff growing and redapting.

    I thought with some humour, yeah, can shove $ 20 000 direction some account here, if out for wasting money.

    Then again, ain't C SCI, and for me with exceptions set Off Zone stuff, so I just thought alike, nah, for more than joking around levels.

    Ain't know for just fat hole, anyway, for bladder,
    and for partial, more sorts of question(s).
    And to transmit into systems for explaining the question(s) magically to some extent, even if I had someone years into brain Magie with differing magic alterator drugs
    (and I forget if that was LSD or LSD and speed combi, but seems to make systems access options differences),
    that'd suck to even just try to transprogram about.

    Also I had MBD correlated seeming problems, alike requires more parallel,
    as is more than 2 parallel.
    And long-distancer stuff involved.

    I mean with partial C SCI.

    Is alike went bladder muscle, to differing extents, I think I tested in pic games with 2 or 3 (CR, ?Jeff, ????Jake), partially also overlay games I was into a while back then.

    Alike, search around, find the spinal region from where goes to there, smurf it to there,
    and then MBD parallel processing capacities might seem not very far from hitting limits, because that can get very complex there for me, alike one side not "in" in pic akasha inphasing attempts as the stronger side,
    so one comes in alike more feinstofflich, but the other also alike incomplete hardwarers.

    The impacts it makes for down there, are bizarre enough for me, and strange enough to think about, that given additional systems protests about something to do with differing internal positions, I was sorts of quite busy.

    Long-distancers alike feinstloffliche interlinks for this spine region down there & head stuff,
    that can again take up processings quite far.
    Also as I don't have the data aware for where in the head to.
    I tried alike vague head systems aimings while trying for muscle contractions down there,
    and seemed head akasha logs eventually activated seeming to find sorts of logs better for this, but I got simplified good as nothing about this.

    To hold these major three parallel, for me seems too much parallel as MBD.

    I mean, this spinal region, bladder muscle, and this head whatever.

    That was difficult enough for me to do either between the first two,
    or try a feinstoffliche spine region long ranger to brain base or in this case even higher.

    And ain't go like I assume would common people, cause there's C SCI on route.

    With this in particular it can get tricky,
    if for one side partial hardware existing for route interlinks registers, but on the other gets in basically simplified just feinstofflich.

    I have been thinking back then,
    I think it was in context with CR,
    if one were to program the right side hardwares up,
    and the left side strange feinstoffliche interlinks up,
    and tried to synch the control commands,
    if this would theoretically
    no or yes
    enable improvements with bladder control.

    But CR, hey, even if I weren't suspecting he might regard such stuff irrelevant freak stuff among the least needed on his businessman plate,
    or something like that,
    I mean, nah, that goes a bit far.

    That's right set off zone stuff,
    and pic, that's one thingie, that can seem alike neatly stagnant, and more alike generating differing "echo" effects towards stagnant akasha sorts of pic-recorded.
    And from there to penis, I guess magic sensory could be uprogrammable per se, but beyond that I didn't think very far about such stuff.

    I mean, these people are not someone I wish to go into bed with, so all in all, I think their partner can try to learn to program, or whomever, some family member of their sex or what,
    if it ever gets interesting enough for them to experiment around.

    But this stuff is going alike transorganic partially for me, and loads of systems interphases, right off zone stuff, ey, nah.

    I think, even for 20 000 and if someone brought enough LSD and speed along and really wanted it, I'd be no particular fan of the very idea to try to transprogram magically a bit into some researcher or CR or whomever for this.
    This was more just some games here.

    And I can just like LSD grey magic theorizing.
    So this gave quite a field of speculating around, but there landed more with wondering about it.

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    Wise, My son is a T11 incomplete from Transverse Myelitis. We would be very interested in this procedure. He has expressed if there was one thing he could get back he would chose what hopefully this study might offer. What should we do to find out where and when this might be available?

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    Contact info. - Deb

    Claire E. Hulsebosch, Ph.D.
    Director of Spinal Cord Injury Research
    Mission Connect
    Professor, Anatomy and Neurosciences at UTMB
    301 University Blvd. Rt. 1043
    University of Texas Medical Branch
    Galveston, Texas 77555-1043
    phone: 409-772-2939
    FAX: 409-772-3222

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    Debbie: Thanks for the contact info. I will contact them and see if they have anymore info. This is one of the reasons I visit this site. It is very helpful and full of good information.

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    What do they mean by lower back injuries? I presume the mean T-12 or lower. I'm a T-9 complete.

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