Mom wrote this letter today explaining her situation.
I just wondered if anybody in CareCure had any ideas.

Dear Doctors,

I'm a woman at the age 75. I went to the doctor to remove a cataract in my left eye.
The surgeon did other procedures that he said I would beneifit by.
Afterwards I still wasn't seeing well so the same surgeon sent me to another
surgeon that does cornea transplants which I recieved and afterwards my eye was
worse. Both specialists knew I had fuchs and guttata.Nobody I've talked to has even
heard of fuchs guttata, if I would of known that the surgery was going to ruin my
eye I'd never had done it. With all the eye tests I went through they knew I had fuchs guttata.
Since they knew this how come they still opted to do the cataract surgery and cornea transplant?
They even asked me if I wanted to remove the cataract in the other eye and I said abslutely not.

I went to wickapedia on the net and found this:
The inheritance of FED is autosomal dominant with genetic and environmental modifiers
such as increased prevalence in the elderly and in females. Endothelial cell loss may
be aggravated or accelerated by intraocular trauma or surgery. A common scenario
involves excessive corneal swelling or edema following cataract surgery or other
types of ocular surgery. Hence, patients with a history of Fuchs' dystrophy may be at
a greater risk of corneal edema after ocular surgery as they have fewer functioning
endothelial cells.

If they knew that surgery aggravates the condition why in the world did they operate?
Do you have any thoughts on this? Would you ever consider having a show on this?
The thoughts of going blind as you can imagine is overwhelming!
Also what do you think of stem cells to help my condition?
If you can help me at all I sure would be indebted to you.

Could you please write me back?

Virginia L Mynatt