I received this message from Dennis Crowley a few months ago about his wanting to finish off a cross America challenge he had to curtail from a while. He sent me a few photos of his touring rig he made up. I trust those that will be on his route will help in anyway when he takes off.

Presently, he is riding the rig to Lake Tahoe to test out his conditioning. From Dennis:

When I started looking into the sport of handcycling (exactly a year ago this month) it was my intention to do a ride across America at some point in the future. I walked across America on Route 66 a few years ago and began a walk the fall of 2008 on the Lincoln Highway (America's first coast-to-coast highway established in 1913) that goes from a spot near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco to Times Square in New York City. I walked the California stretch, but started having trouble with both my knees and ankles and shut it all down and have still not regained full and normal use of my legs. It has been my hope that I would be able to finish that journey using a handcycle and now with time on my hands I am giving it serious consideration.

I have trained through the winter and spent the last few weeks designing and building a hitch setup to pull the Burley Nomad Bicyle trailer I customized to walk with. As of today it is done and I am waiting for the paint to cure. As soon as I get it all bolted in I will send you some pics. I have tested it out with a camping load in the trailer and have been surprised at how well and "relatively easy" it pulled.

To be honest Pat, it is still yet to be proven if I could physically pull it off, but at this point I want to at least try. At this moment I am making preparations to be in South Lake Tahoe, California the first week in April and heading east from there. The stretch from there through Carson City, southeast to Ely, Nevada, north to Wendover, Utah and on into Salt Lake City is a 700 mile challenge from any perspective encompassing seven mountain passes and vast desert. AAA, many years ago named this stretch of road the Lonliest Road in America for good reason. From Salt Lake City the old Lincoln pretty much parallels Interstate 80 across Wyoming before becoming and intertwining with U.S. 30 for its path through most of the midwest before dipping southeast in Pennsylvania and terminating in Times Square.

Even if I could physically rise to the occasion funds are limited and I may have to stop and work along the way, but that would be something I would be willing to do if I knew that I could pull this off.

I have already gained the interest & support of the National Lincoln Highway Association and would think that the handicap & handcycle sports community might want to rally around this undertaking. I would think that it certainly would give both entities public awareness. What do you think and where do you think I should go with my journey from here with regards to the handicap and handcycle sports community at large?

Any input you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dennis Crowley