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Thread: Printscreen button is not working

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    Printscreen button is not working

    It pastes a box, but no contents. Does anyone have an idea what may be going on, or what I should try?

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    If your running Windows 7 try the snipping tool. Before I upgraded to Windows 7, I used Gadwin printscreen and it's a free download. With both you can save as an image file or print a hard copy.
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    With embarrassing cluelessness, I must ask, what is the snipping tool?

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    With the snippet tool, you can just capture the part of the screen you want. Click your Start button and type "snip" without the quotes. The Snipping Tool should be available there to select.

    Here is a link to a tutorial.

    If you use it often, assign your own shortcut key. Click your Start button and type "snip" without the quotes. Right-click on the Snipping Tool entry and select properties. Now click into the option Shortcut key and press a key-combination you like. Now click on ok and close the dialog. The key combination will start the Snipping Tool thereafter.

    I don't know about the box problem. Sometimes I get into trouble when I'm doing a print screen if I have a lot of windows open. Alt + print screen will get you the active window's content. Could it be that the "box" is just a super small image? I think I've seen that before but I don't member the fix?

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    after you press PrinScreen , just oress ctrl-v(paste) into mspain or word or whatever.

    Alt+PrtSc will print(copy in memmory) the active window only.

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    What are you trying to capture? I've tried capturing video before with print screen and found that it won't stay in memory. If I need to snag a screen capture of a video, I use VLC's media player's "take snapshot" feature.

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