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Thread: Q600 wheelchair

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    Q600 wheelchair

    I am considering purchasing a q600 power wheelchair. Does anyone have a comment on it good or bad?
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    I have a used one for condition.brand new batteries, extension legs, tilt back, 08' model. Not sure what it's worth but if you're interested please make me an offer.
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    Avoid any Pride Mobility product. Poorly made with serious reliability issues.
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    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Thumbs down Pride products


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    is this the same as quantum? I had a quantum...forgot which number. Long time ago. It was FAST! And it was the one chair that gave me the worst problems ever. Rain got in it and it caught on fire. Smoke came out of the battery case and smelled funny. DME told me to let it "dry out" and didn't even come to check on it until I pointed out that SMOKE was coming out of the chair. Oye.

    It was fast though

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    Quantum is Pride.

    I echo the previous posts.....

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    What about pride cushions? Do they have quality issues as well? My DME is offering a pride cushion for me to try out, but even if I like it I don't want to take it unless I can keep my current cushion since I'm afraid of it breaking down quickly..
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    I have to say I disagree with the negative posts about Pride/Quantum. I have a Quantum 6000 for the last five years and have had NO issues with it at all. It has tilt too, and that has never been problematic either, and I am no lightweight for it to be tilting up and down. I don't have any vested interest in the company, just so you know. It was what the rehab hospital I go to ordered for me and I have been happy with it.
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