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Thread: Sewing machine "foot" petal alternative?

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    Sewing machine "foot" petal alternative?

    SEWING Hobby: Need a way to convert a sewing machine so that the foot petal (speed control) can be used by someone who can't use their legs (L1 complete injury) -- sewer needs both hands for guiding cloth and working the presser foot lift, so can't press down on the foot petal with an elbow. I've thought about strapping the presser foot under an armpit, but it's too bulky and hard to press & control speed smoothly. Any ideas or resources?

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    I used my elbow by placing it just in front of the sewing machine and was still able to use both hands (T11 complete).

    Otherwise, I would guess hang it around the neck and press with your chin.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    I used my elbow by placing it just in front of the sewing machine and was still able to use both hands
    I also use my elbow and still use both hands. It's all a matter of placing the peddle at the right height right under your elbow when your hands are where you want them. Since the peddle is wide, you can maintain pressure with your elbow while still moving your hands quite a bit. I sew using short bursts rather than just trying to fly through a long seam.
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    I use my elbow too. I still have both hands free-works well.

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    I'll try this!

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    Is anyone willing to post pics of how they are set up, with the position of petals and arms/elbows while using hands to guide?

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    I use my elbow but it takes longer to guide the fabric.

    I haven't figured out another way.
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    I hang it around my neck with a strap and velcro patches glued to the pedal sides to keep it in place and use my chin- I have enough issues with my elbows just trying to balance. I tried the elbow thing and did not have enough fine motion control. With my chin I can get very good sensitivity and have my arms free to move the fabric.

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    My husband took an old apron ring that I could put around my neck and connected the pedal to that so I could operate it with my chin.

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