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Thread: Leg bag issues

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    It was an UA done my local clinic that was also sent for Culture sensitivity. My urines always been strong is there any bags that are better than the other? This is where I'd like to start since this new bag smelled before one full day of use. I will read up on the other options to help with any infectious ordor as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Clorox bleach fixes the problem. Gallon bottle $1.59.

    It really isn't recommended to use bleach on reusable latex leg bags (the ones the original poster is using). A single one of these bags (Urocare latex) is meant to be used for months on end. Bleach solution over that time causes the latex to become brittle and stiff and break down before the long term life of the bag. I know it seems like Urocare is trying to lock you into using their cleaner, but I know from experience what can happen when bleach, bathroom toilet cleaners, and other products are used with these bags. Sometimes the odor from the Urolux cleaner can be cloying and I found that washing the bag in a mild dishwashing detergent like Ivory liquid would cut the odor of the cleaner with ill effect on the bag.

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    We really are trying to avoid the latex bags for a number of reasons:

    1. Difficult to clean properly since bleach should not be used (it eats up the latex).

    2. Tend to hold odor more than vinyl.

    3. If allowed to stay in contact with skin or mucous membranes, can lead to latex allergy.

    4. Need to be used with the cloth type Velcro leg straps to avoid serious skin breakdown that can be caused by the usual rubber strap/button combination.

    Can you use a vinyl leg bag instead? These can be cleaned with 10% bleach solution, do not hold as much odor after cleaning, and do not have any of the risks of latex sensitivity/allergy issues. Hollister and Bard both make good vinyl leg bags.

    A vinegar soak for your latex bag can cut odor significantly, but is not a dependable chemical for disinfection.


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    I'll look into the vynl. I made my own leg bag emptier that works really well with the drain tube that I get with the latex bag, so that might be an obstacle. The skin irritation is not a issue since I'm always wearing long socks and cloth straps. Thanks for all the suggestions and anymore ideas would be welcomed.

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