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Thread: Adaptive CrossFit?

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    Adaptive CrossFit?

    Pre-Injury I was playing hockey and our daily workouts were CrossFit. I ended up falling in love with it. A lot of it has to do with the lower body, which presents a problem. I was wondering if anyone has started an adaptive CrossFit program?

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    I have!! I'm in southern California, but I could work something out with the internet for you to get the workouts. What level of injury are you? And do you have access to a gym? Obviously, there are more exercises to vary the workouts with equipment...

    When I started, I did the workouts for time, but that doesn't seem to translate well into being adaptive. You could time yourself, and see if you improve a couple of months later when you do the same workout again...

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    I am a t-10 and would be interested in hearing scitotalfitness crossfit program.

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    Where in CA are you? I do the workout in Long Beach.
    But we could set up the program so I give you the 2 workouts a week to do at your own gym.
    Feel free to message me

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    Let me start by saying that I love suspension training and body weight training for my patients and myself. We have a paraplegia patient that will be doing a 20 foot rope ladder climb tommorow to the roof!!! I wouldn't recommend some aspects of crossfit for SCI for several reasons unless it has been heavily modified....
    1) extensive emphasis on pullups and dips can tighten the shoulder complex and depending on your activity can accelarate Rotator cuff issues
    2) extensive emphasis on kettlebells and their momentum can cause undue stress on the spine (particulary lumbosacral) for those in the seated position
    3) Because of certain SCI upper and lower body imbalances, proper form for one patient may be wildly different for another in order to avoid injury. The issue I have with crossfit has to do with momentum based exercises as these are more likely to cause injury.

    @SCIFITOTAL Fitness--> I'm in san diego with, perhaps we can collaborate on a program. We use a lot of body weight exercises and other unique stuff as well. PM me.

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    Check this video out. Took it yesterday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PMR DOC View Post
    Check this video out. Took it yesterday...
    Thats really awesome. I have a crossfit box a few miles down the road.... I might give it a try.

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    I'm a very incomplete L-4 (foot drop Rt foot & weak right leg - walk with AFO on Rt. ankle). My friends have been into CF several years now, and I love the idea of adapting it to my injury. I'm an ectomorph body type - tall and slender/lean all over but toned.

    Would CF work for me ? I don't want to have to join 24Hr.Fitness

    '76 L4 GSW incomplete
    (cauda equina)

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    I've been curious about it, too. A friend who runs his own gym in Seattle suggested I seek out a gym that isn't all about reps till you puke and goes for a more gymnastics-based approach. Not sure what that means but he was certain that I could find a gym that would be willing to work with me.

    If you find one in the Twin Cities let me know.

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