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Thread: XLT Pro derailleur hanger stripped!

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    XLT Pro derailleur hanger stripped!

    Topic says it all... I was tuning it up and noticed it was loose, so I tightened it up- was not using that much force, either... but it stripped right out. Anyone else have this problem, and is fixable without getting a whole new fork? Maybe a machine shop could put in some kind of insert.... This is going to be such a pain to take that thing off

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    Found a solution... guess I should have looked FIRST, asked later.. LOL Dropout saver

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    Looks like a good solution. You may have been able to just re-thread the fork but the insert looks like it'll be better.

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    Or a more expensive solution... Helicoils

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    Just a follow-up for anyone else that has this issue- the dropout-saver would not work, even without putting it in I could see it interfered with the bottom gear. After digging around on info about helicoils I determined it would be problematic to get one to work because of how narrow the dropout hanger is- not enough threads to hold it in. So, I went with the most expensive fix, but also the only one I thought would be a permanent fix - Time-sert. I got the smallest m10 x 1 insert, a 6.2mm and instead of counter-sinking it like instructed, I left the shoulder protruding so the insert did not stick out the other side and hit the chain, and also to put the derailleur in the right spot, replacing the washer that is there previously. Works perfectly!

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    Way to go DZ. We handcyclists have to be ingenius sometimes. Good bike mechanics are hard to find as many of them can't get used to working on a handcycle due to the different way their setup. So, we end up fixing them ourselves. I prefer to do my own work as I've been working on handcycles before most of these guys were born and even before factory handcycles came out.

    Congrats, Andy Barker would be proud of you.

    Finally, you get to get back on the road.

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