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Thread: Dressing like an adult, and how to feel feminine??

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    I wanted to click "Like" on Katja's post (FB habit).


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    Because of where I live (Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma so far) I can get away with year-round cowboy boots. I wear them w/ dresses in summer. Due to being An Old, I don't wear short skirts. Just below the knee or maxi works. You can NOT wear the "flowing" type of skirt in a chair. THE SKIRT GETS CAUGHT IN YOUR CASTERS! I can't over-emphasize this, after buying a fowy skirt on ebay and having to crawl out of it into my van. Thank God for boyshorts, a thong in the parking lot would have mortified me for life! So remember, w/ longer skirts-Gotta go a bit slinkier. This works well for me since I'm skinny with no hips or boobs (I also have Graves disease).

    Have you seen the movie Country Strong? Gwyneth Paltrow is biting my style head-to-toe in that movie!

    Ppl think I'm tall, but I think 5'5" isn't tall.

    I can walk a very short distance. I need an AFO but don't have one. The 2" or so heel on a good cowboy boot makes walking much easier. They have also saved me some road rash and probably broken bones. Look cute w/ skinny jeans tucked in, at least I think so.

    I also like the sandals that zip up the back. I have a few in a modified metallic gladiator style. They're a godsend w/ my finger function issues. Cute w/ dresses, shorts, jeans.

    My first pair of post sci shoes were hi-top chuck taylors, black w/ flames. I was in defiance mode, wore those w/ sundresses LOL.

    You can ebay cowboy boots btw. They can be modified to zip down the sides or back by any good saddle shop or shoe repair place. Maybe they're not so feminine but I think mine are. One pair of rockabilly style, short, scalloped top, black lizard Lucchese's-those are Ferrari boots, got 'em for an unbelievable $100 on ebay. Also have new, taller light brown w/ embroidered white roses on them. Ppl scoff but those boots will kill in New Mexico, w/ a slinky dress, skinny leather jacket and awesome silver/turquoise jewelry.

    As the old song said, I was country when country wasn't cool. It's worked out so far!

    I feel your pain. Buying shoes for/with an AFO is a nightmare.

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    I live in Oregon and always get compliments on my cowboy boots. I recently had the toes and heels capped with ornately engraved silver ornaments from an artist in Montana. The silver actually helps keep the toes from getting banged up when I use them as a door battering ram. I love my boots and they help keep the ankles straight when transferring.

    I also wear all the high heels I own. Some have four inch heels and I bet I could never have walked in those even AB, but since I don't always walk, I wear thos sinful heels.
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    So many replies! You guys are awesome. I haven't replied sooner because I didn't have the focus I wanted to give all the replies.

    Mills, thats not an excuse! lol. Most of the time all I go to is Drs appointments. I don't mind wearing PJ pants and a sweatshirt to the food pantry or grocery store So even the Drs appointments are an option, if you wanted to. When I do get out I like to pretend I'm a real fully functioning person, so I'd like to look nice and put together for Drs appointments even I don't have any jeans that fit over my donjoy brace, so I just wear it over. Most of my jeans (again, teenage/juniors clothing haha) are stretchy and snug at the thigh and knee. It works because I can't wear it on my bare skin, it irritates my skin too much. over the winter what I was doing was wearing a pair of tights, then the brace, then my PJs over that. Once I was sitting on my bed with my pjs rolled up to my thigh putting on the brace over a pair of white tights. My roommate stops and goes "OH! You're wearing TIGHTS! I was thinking, she's not THAT pale is she?!" I always joke that I'm so pale I glow My friend that I went to the wedding with went "have you always been that pale?" when he saw me, and I answered "yes"

    How much does the compression stuff help? I've been told to try, but its another thing I'd have to pay for out of pocket. When I don't have my feet up though my legs swell and I get purply from a vascular skin condition. Thats what I want to cover up, I get so embarrased. Its especially annoying when I see my dermatologist, because she can't see the status of my actual skin when I'm all purple, it makes the scars look identical to the existing stuff. If I could just take off compression hose when she gets to the room instead of propping my legs up in the waiting room and exam room hoping its enough time that would be so much easier!

    Thanks Katja! I don't have any sports tshirts, they're mostly all graphic art ones. Some have writing though like my "America, only the insured survive" tshirt or my "Got Carbs?" ones lol. Like this is one of my favs, is that what you mean by graphic art?

    Those ones are all crew neck though I think. I have some just plain colored shirts with different necks, stuff like the fitted but long to the hips ones. Thats the sort of thing that I've been trying to branch into more. Is that good? Though I guess you lose the length of it when you're just sitting down. Thats the problem with a lot of my coats. I love fitted peacoats and have a few that are long, like mid thigh or even knee. But I was thinking those won't work in the chair!

    I don't do much with my hair because its too difficult. But I've learned how to better care for my hair, its naturally wavy/curly and looks nice just down and loose now so I don't have it constantly in a ponytail. I think that helps! And sometimes I'll french braid it after a shower, and if I wrap it at night I can leave it in the french braid for days. (I only wash my hair once a week)

    Betheny, thanks for the tip about flowy skirts!!! Thats something I was wanting to try for summer, so good to know before I've spent money! Funny that you mentioned graves, I'm the opposite. I have hypothyrodism and suddenly got boobs at 23!

    I don't like cowboy boots much. I used to train horses and teach lessons. I rode both english and western, but western I always wore lacers ( I also prefer them and lace paddock boots vs zip ones for more ankle support. When I was last riding regularly, I was able to get away with my quality paddock boots and athletic type ankle braces and orthotics inside. That was important, because the ankle braces I have to switch into for walking dont give me the range of motion/ankle flexion needed to ride! I think cowboy boots and country dressing can definitely be feminine. I used to go line dancing in highschool with a bunch of friends from the barn. And a good friend of mine wore cowboy boots with her wedding dress. The groomsmen all had cowboy boots and hats on, but her dress was to the floor and you couldn't see her feet. When she pulled up the skirt to remove the garter I started cracking up because she was wearing an old well worn pair of black cowboy boots
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    Thanks Katja! I don't have any sports tshirts, they're mostly all graphic art ones. Some have writing though like my "America, only the insured survive" tshirt or my "Got Carbs?" ones lol. Like this is one of my favs, is that what you mean by graphic art?
    No, by "graphic tee" I mean something more fashion forward and feminine than a short sleeved crew neck men's t-shirt, even with something cool printed on it. Something like these:, or these:

    Caveat: I don't shop at Forever21 (because I'm more than twice that old and I don't do disposable trends), and I don't wear t-shirts. I have a stack of shirts from 10Ks and triathlons and other events that never, ever see the light of day.

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    Ah ok. Personally I thought everything on the forever21 page was horrible lol, definitely not my style. The ones on the kohls page were nice. They look similar to the plain colored tops I've gotten in the last few years.
    Board Member of Assistance Dog Advocacy Project working in Education. Feel free to ask me any service dog questions!

    I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.

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    Yeah, Forever21 is a particular kind of style.

    I've pretty much given up on pants; I wear stretchy yoga pants at home, but for work pants that fit properly standing up and walking are too short and too tight for using the wheelchair. I wear skirts at work almost all the time, usually pencil skirts with some stretch. I have a few midi skirts, but Bethany is right on - you have to be super careful about getting them caught in something.

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    forever21 is best to shop at in fall and winter. i LOVE their little jackets. i have an unhealthy obsession with short jackets lol most of my clothes i get from there. and it's a weight that works year round but once spring/summer come around, things get too frilly for me. i'm not that kind of girl!

    i usually do the jeggings + some sort of v neck top + a cardigan + funky earrings + a belt (hides the quad belly and holds the sweater so it doesn't get caught in the wheels) and a black fake leather moto jacket for fall/winter/spring. contrasting colors keeps the eye moving along the body. today's outfit was a burnt orange cable shawl collar sweater, with a blue and black striped puff sleeve sweater under it, a basketweave belt with my moto jacket, jeggings and hot pink chuck tailers. complete with metallic, looooooong peackcock earrings.

    i also decided to grow a mohawk, so that is adding a nice change to my usually bald head!

    once summer hits i hope to get some off the shoulder tunics and make some crazy necklaces like aubrey o'day wears on celebrity apprentice! i always try to have statement jewelry (the bigger the better imho lol) and work the outfit. i am not afraid of color(scotch guard is your friend!) but i am real into skirts but i love leggings so will try to find some shorts that don't look like i am wearing underwear :/

    i love my graphic tees from f21, they are deep scoop necks or off the shoulder but also they are long! i only wear tops that are 29inches or longer and f21 is the only store i know where they show the measurements of each piece.
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    I almost gave up on wearing jeans, khakis or nice slacks because they didn't fit right seated- too high and bunchy in the front, too low in the back, too hard to pull up. I tried adding elastic, moving buttons, misc alternations, but they were still too akward and not worth the work. Then my daughter suggested I try the new maternity styles with a lightweight elastic waistband which meets the pants low in front and can easily roll down in front without bulk and stay high in the back. I can choose current styles of jeans, khakis, non-stretchpant capris and slacks and they are easy to pull up. I go to the factory outlet nearby. Old Navy also has them.

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    What a great idea! I'm going to check that out.

    I had a pair of jeans made by INDI with a very low front rise and very long back rise. They're not bad, but not perfect. It took 3 tries to get the pair I have now, and I just didn't have the energy to go through another iteration.

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