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Thread: Reaching clothes on top rod?

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    Reaching clothes on top rod?

    What do you use to reach at home clothes on the top rod inside your closet? I have my rods at 42" & 84" and I used a dowel with a bent nail on the end.

    Is there something better out there?


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    Do you have a dressing stick (with two different types of hooks on each end)? We often teach our clients to use that to get to the hangers on the top rail. A reacher/grabber would work also.

    Dressing stick

    If you wanted to install something different, you could put in a system like this.

    Pull Down Closet Rod


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    i lived in student halls of residence while at oxford about 11 years ago, and they had those pull-down rails installed in every accessible room. i remember seeing them in one of the big uk diy chain stores (homebase or somewhere) and i wish i had one now - they really are the best way of using a wardrobe independently, with no extra time or effort

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    garment pole

    They are called garment poles.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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