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    Progeo - ego

    Has anyone try this wheelchair ? Any review?

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    that looks really cool! I wonder if it'd feel more like a rigid chair ride vs the regular folder X design. seems way easier to deal with regardless. I hated trying to fold up my old chair because I had a hard time doing it from a sitting position, I always had help but I like being able to do things on my own too.

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    Progeo and Oracing look to be the up and coming companies in the European market.

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    Looks like a very light chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    Progeo and Oracing look to be the up and coming companies in the European market.
    Oracing are completly different than Progeo, Oracing is something like the European Lashers and Progeo is something like quickies.

    But just looking at the pic they post in their website i know what they are...

    They are Italian wheelchairs and they`ve got a carbon fiber chair called Progeo Noir that look nice, but i never have tried them, so i can`t speak.
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    Tested it

    I am looking for new chair and I tested Ego couple of weeks ago. It sure is light even it is not the lightest one though. I was able to lift it easily with my bad hands and I had just got rid of cast in my left wrist.
    There is just two things with that folding mechanism: Ithink it should lock to folded position (at least to me it would be better) and how well that mechanism will hold in longer period of time?
    Now I am considering between three models and Progeo Ego is one of them.

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    It seems that user could fold the chair while sitting on it for going through narrow doorways.

    I would not recommend Progeo chairs for heavy duty users, I had too many backrest and frame problems with my Joker.

    I prefer the Pro Activ traveler, it's stronger built and they pay much attention to details like removable side guards mounted on 2 points

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