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Thread: EMotion Wheels To Get or Not To Get.....

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    EMotion Wheels To Get or Not To Get.....

    What is the concensus? I see a ton of these power assist wheels for sale on this site. Are they worth the fortune they cost? A friend is insisting they would be great but I am not sold? Seems like a lot of technology. I work full time and don't want to purchase something that is gonna slow me down and not speed me up.... Feedback please!!!!

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    I got a set 6 months ago, and it took longer to get to the "second nature" stage than I would have thought (probably because I had been pushing a manual chair for 18 years). Now that I am used to them, I love them. The trick is to apply pressure to the push rims rather than actually pushing with them, and to get the settings tweaked correctly. I go to school at a hilly campus in New England and I no longer make excuses not to go across campus. My home town is also hilly but I now go out with my wife to walk the dog. I switched to 5" FL softrolls from 4", and rolling on the grass uphill is no harder than rolling on the level. Rolling on carpet in airports or stores is no longer a tiring ordeal.
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    Donno, any problems in the rain> I thought the batteries shorted out when wet. Could be the older models.

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    no problems in rain
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    Thanks Mac, I'll pass that on to someone looking at them.

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    Can these be attached to any sort of wheels ? Like Spinergy's for instance.

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    Disregard the previous message

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    I'll be selling mine soon
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    Smile Hello & Why Will You Be Selling Your Emotions Wheels Soon & Are The Old Style ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mac85 View Post
    I'll be selling mine soon
    Hello Mac85,
    I was wondering why you will be selling your Emotions wheels and are they the old style or the present style that is available? Why are you selling them is it because you don't like them and if so why don't you like them?
    Hope you will post a reply.


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    I'll be selling mine because I'm waiting for the zx1 power add on, once thats available no more pushin'
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