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Thread: How do you pee while on a plane?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpybushman View Post
    I have a chance to go to Greece and I've also wondered just how to deal with cathing on a long flight. I know when I need to go but just can't go on my own and def. couldn't hold it for the entire flight.
    Well, since you're a guy who got lost...I'll take pity on you. If you can cath yourself fairly easily everywhere else then get the self inclosed cath kits and ask for a big blanket when you board. Most attendents will get you one from first class. Helps to have eithe lunch bag size paper bags or small colored plastic bags with you. Cath under the blanket, place the filled cath kit in the bag and once "tidied up" ask the attendent to please dispose of the bag for you.

    If you can't self cath or might have problems on the plane talk to your doc and put in a foley for the flight with a leg bag. Most docs will also give you a few prophylactic antiobiotics to avoid a uti from these uses. Remove the foley after you've had a chance to lie down for at least a few hours. If you stay hydrated on the plane a lot of that fluid will go to your legs so a short snooze then remove and cath during the rest of your time there. Place a new one in before your return flight. Actually, you might ask for a good antibiotic like Cipro that will take care of a uti if you do get one while in Greece. A friend there said some drugs normally available are taking a few days to get occasionally.

    The foley part also applies to women. I have taken a lot of long flights and had no problems when this was a change from ICs and now use a foley all the time. When it comes to the TSA pat down, I lean forward when they check my back and quietly tell the agent I have a urinary catheter on my right/left leg that leads to a collection bag below my knee. I have had it swabbed exactly once and she did her damnest to make sure no one saw anything as she just slid the swab up my pant leg all of 2 inches. They are trained to know what these items are but if you tell them before they hit it their heart rate doesn't go up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    Well, since you're a guy who got lost...I'll take pity on you.
    Thank you! I realized I had commented in the ladies section after the fact and could not figure out how to delete my post. All I could think was "Oh damn".
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    I just flew Southwest cross country on Friday. I was doing the usual hope and pray that I make the whole trip but was dying with an hour and a half left in the flight. I HATE aisle chairs-well just all the employee drama and rigamoroll that goes with them-but was DESPERATE. I must have looked desperate too, because when I asked the flight attendednt how long before we landed, he readily offered to get the aisle chair without my asking!

    I was amazed when I saw that it was not the huge, cumbersome piece of equiptmen with all kinds of crazy straps that they use for boarding. Instead, it was a little grey plastic chair on wheels-and they didn't even strap me down in a five point harness! I always sit in the front row on Southwest so I was close to the lavatory-and didn't feel like I was making a spectical of myself.

    I am not sure how well it would have gone had I ben further back or a higher injury.

    Ah, what a dignified experience-or atleast more dignified than I feared!

    What a relief
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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    For many years i've flown all over the country to other countries etc and either have a foley in me or my S/P @ the airports and I do feel some of these weird TSA ppl have God complexes and power trips but they do make me laugh when I say in a sexy voice oooh yea feel my leg youre turning me on !!! isnt it so hot doesnt it turn you on ??? As they Reach up my leg I say a little higher yea baby as they reach and frisk me down just to find out the latex tubing and Leg bag are not a Gimmick a long skirt hides the key on me .
    Flying is fun
    Keeps a sense of humor and all works out in the end They can piss me off Literally in mid air ...
    Piss on them it's their problem if the Leg Bag valve is accidentally opened up because they are maybe sexualy frustrated and something is amiss like a bag of warm piss ...
    Sincerely ;
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    Disclaimer to my flying waiver flying solo Epilogue thingy

    While I am on the plane I usually have Front row seat / space Many of times becauseI speak to pilot and attendandts and I take my time to get to restroom with help of a attendant holding my arm they help me get to the restroom

    Then in private I empty my urine bag and sit on the throne high in the air
    take care of other business if necessary then the Flight attendant will help me back to my front seat area

    Seating depends because on some flights I had to get helped into the 2nd row or so BTW I never had flown with anyone but once in 30 yrs it kinds stinks No one in my family likes heights but me so I am flying solo with strangers ....

    If I see empty space in tail of Big Jet I like to sometimes go to the back where no one likes to sit and be right by the Restroom .
    Gosh flying / travelling is so much fun when you have a Bag of piss
    it helps to be pissed off ...

    It's a pain in the Butt

    With all these new Tighter TSA Mini Gods < the bossy ones
    I definitely do not like flying the blue skies in big jets too many indians no chief ...

    Lastly I like safety but they got super paranoid . When I enter the airport I like to roll to the Airport Bar get liquored up to forget the stress plus I like my screwdrivers while flying ...If I drink the right amount I see aliens
    What about those lovely bags of constipating peanuts !!!
    My Red Solo cup just fill it up let's have a party ....
    Those magazines they put behind the seats to read are Boring so I read my favorite book or noodle on a laptop ... As soon as my bag get's pretty full off to the Powder room in the High skies lol

    Anywhoooo I wish ya all best
    Have a good Day

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    I have on several occasions taken a 12 hour flights and I first evacuate before the flight and 3 hours before the flight I have a medicine given to me by my doc , that makes not to pee and I also dont drink any liquids on the flight.

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    Just got back from a trip to Nicaragua. I simply asked for a blanket and I cath'd in a bag on all 4 flights no one even knew. If someone has a problem with it fuck em

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakboy View Post
    I have on several occasions taken a 12 hour flights and I first evacuate before the flight and 3 hours before the flight I have a medicine given to me by my doc , that makes not to pee and I also dont drink any liquids on the flight.
    This practice could put you at significant risk for getting a UTI. It is not safe to keep urine in your bladder for 12 hours or more, no matter what medications you take or how little you drink. Dehydrating yourself significantly increases your risk for developing a DVT while flying too.

    Quote Originally Posted by arod636 View Post
    Just got back from a trip to Nicaragua. I simply asked for a blanket and I cath'd in a bag on all 4 flights no one even knew. If someone has a problem with it fuck em
    Easy to say for a MAN. This post is in Mobile WOMAN for a reason. The issues are much more complex and difficult to arrange for a woman when flying. One time that the male anatomy is easier to deal with.


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    I have only flown once and I dont know if the foley wasnt inserted correctly or what but it leaked on me and I had a huge embarrasing moment. BUT I had only been paralyzed nine months at the time too so I was still getting used to everything. I had severe UTIs too. I now have a Mitrofanoff through my belly button and can use an empty water bottle and a straight catheter. My question now it this: I haven't flown since then and at the time, my mother handled the "storing" of my chair. How do you guys go about arranging your wheelchair for the flight? I mean like, does an attendant or anyone help you get it ready to be loaded with the luggage and push you onto the plane or what? It has been so long I am not sure what to do. (I flew to South America so it was a bit different)
    One more thing: Do they give people in wheelchairs time to transfer flights if there is a short layover, or do you just have to plan for your plane to be the connecting flight for wherever? Just wondering because the flying hassle intimidates me a little.

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