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Thread: ez pivot lift

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    ez pivot lift

    are their better lifts than the ez pivot as far as not having to deal with removing the sling from under your but.


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    Jack, nearly all the good lift manufacturers make something called a "bathing" sling that goes behind your back and under your thighs but not under your butt. This allows it to be easily removed after the transfer to your chair and then placed again with you sitting to return you to bed. I can recommend Arjo and Liko as good products for mobile lifts. You can find others at this site:

    If you are looking for ceiling track lifts, all the manufactures that I know of also make a similar sling (Arjo, BHM, Guldmann, SureHands, etc.). You can find info on these at the same site as above.

    As usual, I would not buy without a demonstration to be sure that the lift works for you.


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