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Thread: how to deal with ppl who don't believe the pain

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    I'm tired of trying to explain. I don't think even the ones that believe you do have pain....can really understand the severity. I don't honestly know if I would have believed it before sci.

    I've gotten to the point where I just don't even talk about it anymore, unless I'm here, and don't even talk here much anymore. I'm just so tired and worn out from it all. It's so frustrating to know nothing can be done. Anytime I try to change medications.....the nightmare becomes even worse!

    I just went through the weekend from hell. Thanks to the NP at the pain clinic. She changed my Morphine ER to Opana ER....started out bad being a nonformulary even worse over the weekend when it did nothing for the pain. By Monday I was a sick wreck! Had to pay for another visit to get put back on the old medication. They don't believe you can reach a 10 on the pain scale! And this is a pain clinic! I don't think they have any idea of the kind of pain I deal with 24/ I can't be the only one! They have no business working in a pain clinic unless they have some idea what people are dealing with!

    How do you convince anyone else, when the so called medical personnel don't have a clue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravla View Post
    I should not post when I am angry but I do. Look at them, no glare at them like you would rip off their frickin heads if you could. Those close to me, know when I hurt, because they hurt as a result. I am rather pathetic.
    Wish there was a way to project your sensations to others. THAT would wake them up.

    10s are supposed to be curled up screaming in a fetal position, according to popular pain scales. We aren't, therefore we're exaggerating at best, faking/lying at worst.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Cass this handbook has helped me to learn about some of my Pain issues along with how to deal with people who doubt the pain I live with.

    The best thing I have learned is if someone causes more stress in my life I will cut them out of my life because the stress causes more pain.


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