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Thread: how to deal with ppl who don't believe the pain

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    how to deal with ppl who don't believe the pain

    i am struggling with a couple of ppl who really don't get the whole pain thing. they wear me out.

    i know. ignore them.

    are there good pain resources i can point out? i look and look but really, there doesn't seem to be a lot out there that really describes it.

    this is all pretty useless anyway. they won't listen and probably don't care. i'm tired of fighting all fronts.

    this is the only place i feel safe enough to say these things. cause i know so many here not only get it, but are likely living a bigger pain than i am, god forbid.

    i am very afraid of the future, which to me, is tomorrow or even tonight. i can't take the extreme pain i've been getting.

    just another rant from frustration.
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