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    hi im asking this question on behalf of a friend has anyone used a armbike from sweden if so what do you think of it.

    its on this site


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    Hi Thomas. I watched the movie on their website. IMO, it looked kind of dangerous. With the rocking back and forth motion, it looks like a person would have to be a fairly low level to use it. It seems there would be a lot of stress where the armbike attaches to the wheelchair added with trying to steer and pump at the sametime could be a challenge. I bet it would work the lower core bigtime. I'm sure going uphill would be a bear. They weren't using the wheelchair attachable models, just the complete model. Noone was shown going up anytype of incline, just down, very slowly.. It also looked like the wheel angle to the ground was nowhere 90o; making it extremely unstable at anytype of speed. With it being made in Sweden, I'm sure the quality is there, just not a design I could use or feel safe on for an attachable armbike.

    It looks like a really fun bike for an a/b or highly functional disability.
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    thanks for the reply hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its a shame he cant try one here in uk to see what they are like

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