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Thread: opinions on bruno joey lift?

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    opinions on bruno joey lift?

    as above, im looking for opinions on the bruno joey lift, to be used for carrying a number of different manual chairs and a quickie p222se, all with folding backs and within the allowed height/weight measurements. im mostly worried about breakdown issues/reliability and durability. bear in mind im in ireland and so have different options to many people here - but as the bruno joey is an american product that is available in this country, i thought id ask...

    tia, amy

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    Not that this helps but... I just googled 'bruno joey lift reviews' and was about to watch some youtube videos to see if i could gain anything from them but i'm in china and they rather like blocking things

    Seeing as there doesn't seem to be much information on reviews on the internet it might be worth going for a brand which has more feedback.

    On the other hand it looks like the major assistive mobility websites sell and install them so it seems to get their mark of approval (example amsvans, topmobility)
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    I have been using a Joey by Bruno for two years now, absolutely flawless performance and reliability! Installation only took a couple of hours. I fit the factory description of the likely end user.....I am able to stand and walk ( cautiously ) to the drivers seat on a prostetic left leg. This has proven to be a life altering device for me and my family. I have it installed in a very basic model 2004 Ford Freestar minivan which has also served me well. I keep my newer power chair and 12/24 charger in car and have my older (smaller ) chair for use in my home. These days I go anywhere!

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