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Thread: cracks in schwalbe marathons?

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    Unhappy cracks in schwalbe marathons?

    I've noticed fine line cracks around my tires at the outer edge of the tread. I can see a tiny bit of color inside; blue or green?* Does this mean my tires are about to blow, or something? I'm not very active, but they are about 2 yrs old. Don't want to get stranded but money's tight. Help! Thanks!

    * maybe the rim tape? Can't remember what I have in there.

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    Are you keeping them inflated properly? Tires do contain volatile compounds and over time can become brittle, especially if left in sunlight. Might be time for new tires.

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    Mine cracked within six months of getting them. That was about a year and a half ago. I think the blue it the carcass of of the tire that contains the flat preventaive. My blue shows on the inside edge where I force the tire to move with the brakes on. It has ground off more rubber there, so is showing the inside.

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    The rubber can get brittle with aging and is prone to cracking. They are now requiring that automobile tire manufacturerers to put the date tires are made on them.

    Also, if tires are very under-inflated, running on them can cause the sidewalls to break down.
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    Yeah, seems like they will all do that, eventually. Keeping them inflated to 145psi is supposed to help prevent.

    FWIW, these have been in service since July '08, daily, and are cracked to Hades (all the way around both sides of both tires, in more than one 'run') but still holding 145 for a week, with tread, too boot!

    Amazing, IMO.



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    Thanks all. I'm not to vigilant about pressure but do fairly well. I'll try to improve. DaleB that's encouraging about your experience. Yep, that's about how mine look. Thanks for the pics! Maybe I'm not "dead" yet!

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    contact schwalbe lynn, i also had this problem last year and they replaced a set for me. i also still use my cracked set like dale and no problems. 80.00+ tires and there should be no problems IMO

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    BobMach, thanks. Can you tell me how old your schwalbes are? Don't know if they'll be concerned about 2 yr old tires, but I guess it can't hurt to call, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
    BobMach, thanks. Can you tell me how old your schwalbes are? Don't know if they'll be concerned about 2 yr old tires, but I guess it can't hurt to call, right?
    mine were less than a year old when i noticed the cracks, a phone couldnt hurt

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    Thanks BobMach. Time flies; I checked and mine will be 3 yrs old end of June. Nevertheless, I did call them and they said I could fill out a warranty claim on-line with pics, etc and they'd take a look. One of the pics has to be of the # on the INSIDE of the tire! Oh well, I guess nothing's easy. Did you go this route, or was it easier since yours were not that old? He said mine had probably lived their expected life span.

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