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    can we get some way for us long time readers o put a spam posting in isolation and remove ir from the board. the mods can lok at it in the morning and decide if it s spam. i am seeing threads now interpreted by spammers,
    a flame thrower would work nicely. or even a way to x out the message,. or design a spam stamp iof they cant be put in isolation .interrupting threads is the last straw
    cauda equina

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    The Moderators scan all posts multiple times daily to detect spam, ban offenders, and move it to an area that is not visible to members. If members want to notify us of spammers, please do the following:

    1. Do not respond to spam posts. This makes it more difficult to detect and find and move the posts.

    2. If necessary, click on the little red triangle on the left of the offending post. This will send an alert to all moderators for that specific post.


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