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Thread: What do you think of this gadget? Possibilities?

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    While awesome, it doesn't look outdoor-friendly.

    Still. Awesome.

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    Interesting, "Paramoto" posted the same thing at 1:50 PM, today.

    All the best,

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    It's fascinating, but I do not think it will "replace the wheelchair" for most people. If standing is the goal it works, but I sure wouldn't want to come down a hill on it, or try rough ground, to say nothing of having to find a seat everywhere you go should you want to have a break from standing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick View Post
    Funny how they say Yusuf has been injured for 5 years and he isn't using a diferent kind of chair or one that has a cushion on it for that matter. Just another non-practical gimmick to make general AB public think. "wow, that is amazing, so neat to see that others will be able to get around and stand again." If they only actually knew!!
    Thats what I was thinking. Its been mentioned here that it would be for a narrow part of paraplegic users, and even more narrow for those that use chairs for disorders outside of paralysis.

    And what about all the comments in the videos about things that paraplegic people 'normally can't do alone'? I'm not paraplegic and I found it offensive.

    Definitely not something to make wheelchairs obsolete. If it was on the segway platform it would be more versatile for uneven ground or off road purposes.
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    It is funny how walkers think wheelchairs are our biggest problem. I would rank it #4.

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    Approximate price shown at the end of this article...a cool $15k...

    Whilst I think the idea of using one around a house would be fine, I think the images of it being used in supermarkets, cafes, work etc are misleading, unless you have a way of transporting an 80kg object (or you leave it at work full-time, which I guess might be sensible for some)!

    Cheaper and more manoueverable alternative would be a Levo-type standing chair, although I do appreciate that I'm not quite comparing like-for-like...
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    It would have been nice in my workplace, but as noted there are a lot of limitations. Getting in and out of that sling seat would be a challenge for me even in my prime. Also, I wonder how one's butt would hold up when sitting in the seat for a significant time.
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    NEW standing mobilization frame

    I think this is the place to post this, it's a new standing frame that is mobile, allowing you to roll and move around
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    Quote Originally Posted by crppled007 View Post
    I think this is the place to post this, it's a new standing frame that is mobile, allowing you to roll and move around

    Already discussed here. Will move to that thread.


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