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Thread: What do you think of this gadget? Possibilities?

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    What do you think of this gadget? Possibilities?

    A friend just sent me this link. Interesting concept to get around.
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    After watching the video again I think it is an interesting concept with good use for limited applications. My concerns would be a tipover, pressure points and the velcro strap/seat belt buckles. Good use for flat surfaces but impossible to climb stairs with. Another concern is its ability to handle ramps/bumps etc.

    Glad to see somebody thinking outside the box though.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I'd like to see how someone gets this to work on rough or uneven terrain, makes it up a curb or one step (or even a fairly steep ramp). And what about those who are amputees in addition to having paralysis, or have severe osteoporosis or actual fractures? These are the reasons we rarely use a stand-up transfer devices with persons with SCI as well. There are already less expensive mobile standing frames on the market, but none of them are practical for use outdoors either.


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    ...not to mention how to transport it.

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    TEK RMD (Robotic Mobilization Device)

    Just ran across this.. anyone seen or heard of this?
    The video is kind of interesting, would make a great exercise ranging tool.

    If you live and work in a perfect flat world it seems like it would be ok, but
    inclines look like they would be a little terrifying, loading in the car would
    be interesting. But for use around the home it looks like a fun proposition.
    If only they could build on top of the Segway platform. and of course
    no mention of cost $$$$$. Cool to see folks working on other ideas though.

    unrelated but in the video,
    The closet was interesting how the rail dropped out giving access to the higher area, which
    normally would be inaccessible.

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    Pretty small footprint. I like it.

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    Funny how they say Yusuf has been injured for 5 years and he isn't using a diferent kind of chair or one that has a cushion on it for that matter. Just another non-practical gimmick to make general AB public think. "wow, that is amazing, so neat to see that others will be able to get around and stand again." If they only actually knew!!

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    "making wheelchairs obsolete"

    this device is advertised as a technological advancement that will make chairs "obsolete"
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    Apart from the issues mentioned, my concerns are whether it is practical for a full-day use and its implications on the posture, back and joints.
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    Steering looks mechanically awkward. I'd say indoor hard surface floor only. I don't think it will do well on padded carpet.
    Clearly for a limited range of users. You'd need strength to get over a thick sling. Lateral support looks marginal. That bed transfer is not going to happen on a LAL mattress or memory foam. Don't see how it helps in toileting. Still need to get the sling out from under you and pull down pants.

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