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Thread: Sweet quad knife skills video

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    This video was awesome, Chris has got that avocado DOWN in particular. How come no one else said how tasty the salad looked? I was craving what he made, mmm... Mad skills!

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    Thanks chick! ha. Love my yoga!

    And yup. Spinalpedia is like a hub of onlu SCI videos (that are actually posted on YouTube), but Spinalpedia has them organized by mobility level and more specific categories, so you can find videos that'll work for you much quicker.
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    You can get that quad knife from QUADTOOLS.COM Jeff the guy who makes them is an awsome guy and will change your life with his adaptive tools.

    And Chris has the knife on lock for sure. I love mine and couldn't fathom being with out it these days. Its great for slicing and dicing, but also for opening packages and boxes too.

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    Ulu Knife

    Cory Parsons is a peer in British Columbia who credits the ulu for allowing him to become a chef with his own cookbook.

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    The Ulu is nice but very limmited. The quad knife becomes an extention of your arm and as long as you don't have bad spasms, keep the blade sharp, and practice safe cutting techniques. The versitility of the knife really shines and allows the user to cut anything from a large watermellon, deboning steaks, fine slicing tomatoes, spreading butter, and the list goes on. Depending on how serious the user is both are quad friendly but the quad knife has many advantages over the Ulu. It all comes down to the user and his or her needs. For me, it was a great investment and is by far the best knife out for quads.

    I also would like to stress the importance of keeping your knife sharp and practicing being safe. I use a smith sharpener in a vice but there are many nice sharpeners out there. If you ask anyone who does any kind of work with knives for a living they will tell you a dull knife is more dangerous then a sharp one. The reason being that people try to force a dull blade increacing the odds of slipping. The key is to let the blade do the work while you just guide it. Always be aware of where your fingers are and keep them out of the path of the blade!!!

    Be safe my friends as I don't want anyone missing any fingers wether they function or not.

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