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Thread: Sweet quad knife skills video

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    Thumbs up Sweet quad knife skills video

    Hey guys!

    I was wondering how good your knife skills are as a C6 quad? I was blogging about this crazy video on SPINALpedia of Chris Colwell (who's cute too!) who made this EXTREMELY cool video (in high speed) of himself chopping up fruits and veggies with a custom welded knife (to an arm splint) that he made for his huge Chef's knife. It's quite impressive! Watch the video here:

    Have any of you tried anything like this? Or do you have a better idea, like the those popular rocking knives I see in almost every adapted cooking video?
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    I was more interested in the skydiving video than the knife vid. (too fastmo for me to show me anything, and that position of arm utilizes too much pec, which I don't have - he looks inc. from watching his hand and fingers)

    But WOW on the diving cam. Btw, do you know if he has a vid of how he souped up that powerchair??

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    Neat tiff.
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    Thats some knife, I think he could be a member of the knight's watchmen (game of thrones)with that thing. But I like his setup, it looks like it works for him.

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    I don't know how Chris is able to swing living in Dubai, but he has tremendous balls for doing it. I like seeing him in good health and he manages to pick up some hotties in his travels.

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    That is a good idea, a knife connected to an arm splint. I am c6-7, my knife is screwed onto the cutting board through the tip of my knife. It keeps the knife from falling sideways.
    I like the splint idea since u can carry it anywhere. I have to carry the board and knife together. Not as convenient when travelling.

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    @Chick, here's a few vids he's made of his chair -

    Here's one about his seat and safety harness:

    Here's one showing the rest of his Quickie powerchair:

    And getting his chair detailed at a car place (smart!):

    @doingtime - i'd like to knw how he swings it too! he must have a lump sum to help pay for everything...
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    @wtf that would make an amazing GOT character! ha (loooove that show)
    May the fetus you save be gay

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    Thanks Theo... I see he's got quite a lot of videos. I clicked his toilet in Bali, and thought he was about to go thru an actual bp! It's a very cool bathroom though, and house - maybe not the most accessible, but who wouldn't want to be there!

    btw, I just went onto the spinalpedia site for the first time. Is this forum mainly for videos? I just saw your interview about the yoga too, neat to actually 'see' you and hear your voice
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