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Thread: Ok, have to ask, KAFO question

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    Ok, have to ask, KAFO question

    Hi, ok, like 3 yrs ago I started training a bit w/kafos and harness w/walker. Then I had to stop due to insurance fighting, long story. Then I started again in April '2011 and finally in November 2011 I accomplished 6 steps w/kafos and walker, no harness. Of course a trainer was nearby since I am new to this. So skip a couple of months of no KAFO training due to housing issues, and I started up again 2 weeks ago. I have so far accomplished 10 steps w/kafos, walker, and someone nearby just in case. However, I have not trained in a week due to bad menstrual cramps and low bp. So, how do you train when in sooo much pain and low bp? I hate not training b/c I really want to progress but w/the amount of core muscles @ work to accomplish this training and the menstrual pain, primarily on my lower back and abs make it nearly impossible to want to take steps. I have not fully recovered my core so using it while KAFO walking is hard and it feels worse with the back/ab pain. For those in pain or low bp, especially women w/menstrual issues, how can you train when in sooo much pain and/or low bp? For KAFO walking I rely on my hip flexors since no return in my legs. I just hate sitting here, I was told I would not get this far and no point in trying, no joke, and now that I have, I hate not taking every opportunity to try and accomplish more. Recovery is recovery no matter how big or small.


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    Hello Karlam24,
    I use KAFOs everyday and I know how hard it is. But, from your description it looks like you are hurting yourself than helping your body. Maybe standing frame or RGOs would be better than KAFOs? Another option would be HKAFO.
    Have you dicussed it with your doctor?

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    Thanks! Pain and low bp is primarily due to pms, that is why I do not do KAFO training during my menstrual cycle, however i do not have issues when not going thru pms. I just hate taking over a week off training due to pms and want to try working on training regardless of pain and low bp. I just wanted to know if u can work thru the pain and/or low bp.

    Take care!

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    ohhhhh well, I am a male and I do not think I can help you. PMS for me is something very scary. I am married and when I hear word PMS I jump instantly into my chair and wheel away for life as fast as I can.

    I hope someone else will assist you.

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