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Thread: Need an SCI doctor in Alabama

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    Need an SCI doctor in Alabama

    I am looking for an SCI doctor in Alabama for my husband. I appreciate any suggestions. If you would rather not post here, please email me at and please put SCI doctor in the subject as I am fighting junk mail and delete addresses I do not recognize! Thanks for your help!

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    Carol, don't know much about alabama but this might be a starting point,

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    I have a neurosurgery friend at the University of Alabama whom I respect very much. His name is Dr. Mark Hadley. and he is the current president of the American Congress of Neurological Surgery (the biggest and main neurosurgery society in the U.S.) and he is chief of spinal neurosurgery at UAB. If he cannot do it, he will be able to recommend somebody very good. His contact information is

    Univ. of Alabama/Neurosurgery
    1813 6th Ave. S. MEB 516
    Birmingham, AL 35233-1920

    Lots of patients seem to like him, too. For example,


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    Hi Piglet! We also live in Alabama. Our SCI doc is Dr. Amie Jackson at Spain Rehab, UAB in B'ham. Dr. Keith Lloyd is the Urologist we use who is also at Spain Rehab/Kirkland Clinic.
    Where are you in Alabama? We live in Alex City, central Alabama...hubby is a C5/6, 18 years post.
    If there is anything we can answer or help you two with...give us a holler.

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    Thank you so much to everyone who has posted and emailed with information! You are all so helpful and wonderful! Thanks again!! Carol

    p.s Cathy, we are in Central Alabama too...there is no large enough city to give you a reference point of what we are close to, so I will just say Bibb County! You are not that far from us, so you know probably know there is nothing here but small towns...and we don't even live in town, we live on the Little Cahaba River. Thanks so much!! Carol

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