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Thread: pain, pain, pain, see what's become of me

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    pain, pain, pain, see what's become of me

    while i looked around for my possibilities....

    nod to paul simon.

    anyway, tg i don't have constant nights and days at this level. i would have to be constantly sedated. i have no idea what triggers this level of pain but i'm ready to scream.

    and yeah, i know, stress, illness, etc. but these days strike at random and i've ceased to even look for a reason because there is none. all i can do is wait it out.

    i'm only posting because i know ppl here understand. THIS is why i can't work any more. THIS is why i can't even volunteer any where. i think i will go crazy unless it abates soon. but, it will and i won't, until it strikes again at this level. i am in hell.

    btw, i'm just venting. i am not looking for answers (there are none) or sympathy. i am just going fin crazy.
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    I thought I understood, but the last few months the pain and tired are so much more than they were. I was blessed with ignorance and didn't even know it.

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    Barometric pressure changes .. and I'm not kidding. On days where it 'might' rain and will come hours later, I hurt like a sonofa. This is fairly new to me as well.

    Signing up for physio tomorrow to see if I can work through this .. also want something different than oxy. Seems to be affecting my memory.
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    this has happened my whole fin paralyzed life and my anniv is 3/24/86. i don't think weather has anything to do with it. i think aging w/sci and pain does. THIS SUCKS.

    and, no i am not stressing over anniv. this has been ongoing for 4-5 yrs. i don't give a damn bout anniv. lord have mercy, let this pain lessen. i can't take it and i know ER is useless.

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    I agree. Its just getting older. Mine was in 89 and hellacious thunderstorms from last night has had me on fire all day long. I simply can't st.and it anymore on these days either Cass. I've took my meds but here I am...I will probably still be up when everyone else is leaving for work.

    I understand.

    Jen, it is the Barometric Pressure...I've watched it for the past five or so years and oxy doesn't seem to bother my memory as bad as the Cymbalta did. Good luck
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    Pain is what forced me to leave my career behind, too, cass. And even though I've got the most effective pain management I've ever had, it's still not enough to enable me to do the volunteer work I'd like to do because the unpredictability of the pain bad days make me too unreliable. I get it, cass.

    Aging is a big part of it all, but don't be so quick to dismiss weather as a trigger for flare-ups, cass. I'll bet real money that if you tracked barometric pressure and temps for 60 days, you'd see a direct correlation between low pressure systems and dramatic temp changes and increases in the central pain.

    In the last three years, have you ever gone to an ER in your area when you're desperate for relief, or are you just declaring them useless based on what you think will happen?
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    Same here...10yrs post injury, im 32, first 4 yrs fought awful rectum pain, then my pelvic area would tighten/ripping, ever so often on, went to there er ever time this pain would flare up. They blamed it on bladder infections and the pain was a signal of bladder infections. Then my stomach/abdomen area started the same It started this feeling tightness/ripping and it flares up when you talk/eating and any movement makes it flare up. oh by the way, my bacofin pump has moved(it just from no exercises and I have a good quad belly)
    IT SUCKS!!!
    I cant visit with friends, flares my pain up, scary feeling.

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    Been switched to tramadol as of today and signed up for physio.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Also had to give up the idea of working due to the pain part. Getting older sucks, and yes as time marches on the pain gets worse. But, the weather does kill me. Just let a storm be anywhere near me! It does'nt even have to rain!

    I complained to my pain doc......he said yes, the pressure does it. Not for everyone, but I'm one of the lucky ones! Then, since I don't sweat anymore, I have to watch the heat too, or I could get AD! Done that a few times. We've had heat waves the last two summers, so I've spent most of my time indoors. Everytime I have to leave for a doctor appt or whatever, I'm whipped by the time I get home.

    I know how you feel Cass about working. I had to give up a job I loved, running a company with my best friend. It hurts. I got a call from him a couple of weeks ago, a lot of time has gone by since we've talked. He wanted to tell me how much he missed me. Right now I'm not sure if it made me feel better or worse. I guess a little of both. He has'nt seen me since sci.....and I did'nt want to go back and let anyone see me.

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    smoky, i went back to work 13 months after my injury back in 1986. it was very weird. i pushed myself very hard just to try to be like everybody else. over all these yrs, i believe that was a big mistake. the pain just kept getting worse and worse as the stress went up.

    i never noticed weather affecting it, but then, it's gotten to the point the level is so much more elevated, i dunno any more. maybe i'll start a chart.

    i really have little hope of living the life i had even 6 yrs ago.

    so, what hope for my future and my son's? it's frightening.

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