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Thread: a Yellowstone Wolf

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    a Yellowstone Wolf

    Check out this photo.
    It is a Yellowstone Wolf that my friend photographed this winter. What a beautiful animal.

    My friend goes to Yellowstone park off-season to photograph wildlife. I had to share this. I think it is awesome.

    I sometimes hear of Colorado ranchers dealing with wolves as packs grow and migrate.

    Do any of you folks have wolves nearby?

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    I wonder what those eyes would look like Lit by a campfire. No wolves here but lots of coyotes and black bears.

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    I'd sure like to adopt him for a while so he could tune up all the yappy mutts in my apartment building. I'll never understand why people without backyards would subject any animal to the abuse of being locked up all day.

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    There are coyotes and wolves in the outlying areas of Spokane, WA, and Coeur d'Alene, ID, along with moose, elk, deer, wild turkeys, porcupines, raccoons, etc. When I lived in California, I saw coyotes in the foothills and mountains all the time. In four years, even though we hear coyotes frequently, I have seen only ONE and no wolves. I have seen all the other animals I mentioned above, most on our own property, often just ten feet or so from our house. I think coyotes and wolves stay out of sight here because people shoot them.

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    I see them once in awhile, once up close. Looked me right in the eye as he/she turned into the brush. Up close they look like a coyote on steroids, couldn't believe how ripped with muscle it was. Until then I bought that you could mistake one for a coyote, not even close. Can't stand those little,yapping ankle biters either.

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    Had them around the Eielson Visitor Center that I ran in Denali Nat. Park Alaska most of the time and in the Eagle River valley where I lived. They are definately afraid of people and will move their dens at the very sight of humans. Nothing quite like the howl of a wolf, it is wilderness at it's essence.
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    Wow! What a great photo!
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