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Thread: GoShiChi - adjusting door?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louie0611 View Post
    Does anyone know what size lift they put on these conversion. Is it a body or suspension? Kinda new at this and wanted to get some new wheels.
    3" Body lift.

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    Thank you..
    Louie Gonzalez
    C6 C7

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    I just went through the whole battery issue on my 2011 Goshich 4x4. I discovered that the safety switch (which is the black strip along the bottom of the driver's door) had gone bad. Eric at SVM Mobility was great to work with and sent the new switch right away.

    If you leave the door open like I do in my garage, the electronic system never really shuts down and will draw about 1/2 amp continuesly. You need to shut the door everytime you leave the truck. I also started to start the truck before I opened or closed the door.

    I also added a second battery under the hood as a back up. I'm good to go again and haven't had any further probelms.

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    Hey there, how did you make it so you can drive from both manual and power chair. They told me that i should first modify it for my power chair then try to see if the manual chair can get done, but is sounded like it would be tough to get both to adapt to the same exact position on the ex lock on the tray? Thanks

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    hi there, i thought too, that it would be a great time saver to just leave the lift down when I get out in the garage, just as long as the dome lights are off and not draining the battery. I am aware oif the shut off swith by the master control box under the right side back seet that is supposed to cut off all power. But it is not reachable to someone like us sitting in the drivers seat or getting out in the garage either becasue the garage wall will prevent one from rolling aroung the passenger side of the truck to shut the power off switch every time, it is impractical. My truck has an on/off switch under the steering wheel to the left, just under the factory light switches, the guys in the shop say they do not know what it is? anyone know what it is for, it is not factory, I know for sure. I have the 2 wheel GMC Sierra SLE Goshichi. ther ehas to be a way to bypass this saftey switch to shut if off once you get out so you can leave the lift down?

    My truck also has the dual battery, I hope it minimized the getting "stuck" issues? Just bought it, it was a demo with very little mileage.

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    Hey there, i am new to the site, love it. I would love any info/pdf you can pass along regarding to the mod and what it may take to modify or adjust it. I just purchased a 2 wheel GMC SLe that was a demo unit. Looking forward to the freedom the truck will bring me as opposed to my previous van. plan to drive it out of power chair c300 or m300 permobile BUT want to be able to get manual chair modified to use same ez lock system, can they match them up to the same position the ezlock is set up for on the tray?Thanks

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    Hi, are you saying if i have a goshichi truck it has a body lift of 3 inches? so the stance is higher that the factory truck?

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    One thing to keep in mind- the Goshichi platform doesn't come all the way down where it is flush with the ground. There is a 1 to 2 inch gap. This could be a problem for quads using a manual chair.

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    Hey all - Danny has had his 2013 Chevy Silverado 4WD since November. He loves the truck, but chose to get a Redman power standing chair in order to fit in the 4WD model and the Redman has been a huge disappointment. The issues with the Redman are another story for a different thread. Here's the reason for my post. Has anyone come up with a solution for whenever the person in the wheelchair either can not or does not want to drive? Even though the conversion came with a driver's seat that snaps in, we have a couple of issues we have not yet figured out how to resolve. This came to light today again when the Redman "drifted back" when it shouldn't have while Danny was leaning over picking something up off of the floor. The result was that it smashed his fingers in between the frame and the seat. OUCH! EMTs were called due to the fear of shock, etc., and while they were going to take him to the ER, the question arose of 1) how do we get the truck to the hospital for him to come home, and/or 2) how do I get the manual driver's seat TO the truck in my vehicle, and last but not least, 3) even if I COULD get a seat in the driver's position to drive the truck myself, HOW the heck would I ever manage to get him into the passenger side, let alone out of the passenger seat when we get home? We have looked into portable riser/stages, but the platform part is 40 pounds and the cost just for that piece is around $400!

    Surely we are not the first Goshichi conversion owners to have run into this issue? Does anyone have ANY suggestions with regard to this issue?

    Certainly if anyone has any alternative ideas to the Redman power chair for use in the 4WD truck, please let us know! Thanks!

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