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Thread: So what does an architect usually cost?

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    Damn Flatlanders! Move north where the state isn't about to go down the budgetery toilet hole. Yes, a walkout would be great because you just need one well enforced room for safety. If two walls are already concreate the biggest expense is an above norm door frame and door. I plan on rolling outside and into the garage which is below ground level and has some very thick concrete walls because we're up a gentle slope from the water. We have an elevator but it does die with the electricity while once you know how the automatic garage door can be easily gotten around and opened. We get more thunderstorms and snow then tornados though. They do seem to be lighter weight ones by the time they get this far north anyway.

    As others have pointed out do not depend on an architect or even the builder to not drop back to ADA guidelines if they have questions. I'd start a cork board of pictures of items or idea rooms that you like and a list of things you want, need and do plan on aging in place. And start the idea of a budget in your head.
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    I will be looking to get a barrier free home soon. I know it will be awhile, as I will be fighting with my insurance to cover the cost but I found this site. I ordered the book. I figure it gives great floor plans and lists all the reasons as to why things need to be the way they are. I figure I can get a good I idea of what I want and be able to go to a local contractor and show them the floor plans. Also it lists all the businesses/manufactures that provide the materials for the Barrier free home. I am excited to get this book and start looking through it.

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    BP Drafting on Facebook

    You can goto Facebook and check out some of my work. I'm a Draftsman. I design my house and many others. I can print full size sheets and email PDF files you can take and print yourself. Check out BP Drafting. I use Envisioneer 7.2 it's a 3D build program.

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    When we had to remodel our home after my husbands accident we found a company that specializes in universal design. Here is a link to their website picturing the outside of my home. I am not sure what sure what the consultation charges are but I think they were well worth it and would hire them to build us another home if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    ... the automatic garage door can be easily gotten around and opened...
    Openers with battery backup are available for around $200 these days.

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    Just wanna say that the book i got is amazing. A ton of floor plans from under 1000 square feet to over 3000 square feet. Tons of options. Plans range from $300 to around $1600 or so. Definately worth the buy for $25. Has a ton of information in it.

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    I think it all depends on the type of work he or she will do

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