Sue, so a slab is not good regarding frostlines? I kind of envision some sort of semi-rural property with a junky old place on it. Tear it down and build a one-level place that is completely accessble for maintanance/repair, etc. I do want a big lot so I can play Farmer Brown on a lawn tractor or something, lol. And the space would do good for my other hobbies. But the main thing is one level, right now I have a 3 flat that you can imagine is not too good for a wheelchair. I have a backyard lift for my place, and dragging myself up a flight of stairs to inspect something on another floor isnt too cool. Right now I have a guy that plays building super for a roof over his head, but I'm really thinking of getting out of the income property scene and bail on the city life. Timeframe is TBD...waiting to get laid off still.

I tried a hottub in Vegas, I liked the lack of gravity and would like to duplicate that experience. The transfer hight was pretty close to my chair height, and deep/long enough that I could float unlike a regular bathtub. I figure it might be a cool addition, especially when starting from scratch. Oh yeah, not a lot of rooms for the sake of rooms, real open floorplan.

One can dream . The whole sticking point is long as I have it I'm pretty much stuck here. And doing something like this closer to work is useless IMO as it is downtown, so reasonable seed property would make for a horrendous commute.