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Thread: New Therapy For SCI Under Clinical Trials

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    New Therapy For SCI Under Clinical Trials

    Have you ever heard about a SCIrd person called Melissa Holly?
    Have you ever heard about ProCord (an autologous activated macrophage therapy)?
    You can know everything about it here at this link
    The therapy is being developed in Israel & various locations.
    Check this site out. It has lots of information

    Dr Nader

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    DrNader, this has been discussed extensively on this site. Here's the most recent article.

    A search using "proneuron," "macrophages," or "Melissa Holly" will turn up many articles and discussions.

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    does anyone heard any news from Melissa Holly lately?

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    The only thing what I did not understand is 14 days after the injury. Why is there a deadline. I do not believe that people who injured Spinal Cord can not know that they have to take macrophages within 14 days. As a new injured patients brother I have heard about macrophages after 20 days of the injury.
    I want to ask everybody the question which I was asking myself after hearing macrophages. Is there not a chance to take macrophages in other time rather than within 14 days. If anybody knows any detail of macrophages could he or she please share his knowledge with us.
    Best Regards.

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    Can I suggest that you go to the Clinical Trials forum on this site? You will find a detailed listing of all the clinical trials that are going on in spinal cord injury.

    Specifically related to the activated macrophage therapy, the following two topics describe the Phase 2 that is starting and Phase 1 trials that just ended.

    Proneuron Phase 2 trial of activated macrophage autograft transplants within 2 weeks of SCI

    First Proneuron Phase 1 clinical trial on activated macrophage transplants in subacute spinal cord injury

    Lofulgee, I have been in email contact with Melissa Holley. She is doing well and working hard to recover more.

    mka, the reason for the 14 days after the injury is because the rat spinal cord injury studies suggests that it is only useful up to 2 weeks after injury. Unfortunately, the delayed treatment studies have not been published yet and it is not clear (at least to me) that treatment is really not effective beyond two weeks. The time limit on the clinical trial was a decision of the company to restrict the patients to a time frame that the company was confident that the treatment would be effective. It is true that many people did not hear of this therapy (although it was widely publicized when Melissa Holley went to Israel...) until it was too late. Incidentally I think that her parents learned about the treatment through this site or because of this site. When your brother was injured, the treatment was finishing phase 1 trials (just to show safety and efficacy). There are probably several hundred postings on the subject of macrophages on this site. You can read through them or look at the two links above. Briefly, the results of the phase 1 trial (which should soon be published) is that the treatment appears to be safe (no significant morbidity or mortality associated with the treatment), 2 patients went from ASIA A to C, and one patient from ASIA A to D (Melissa) out of 9 patients. This is a higher percentage than would be expected from historical controls.


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