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Thread: Question about neurosurgeon at Beijing Tiantan Puhua Tientan Hospital

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    Question about neurosurgeon at Beijing Tiantan Puhua Tientan Hospital

    hello i tried to search this on this site and there was non here about this Dr. Xiaodi Han, chief neurosurgeon at Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital
    but i did find this clip on youtube
    any one here know any thing more about his method of stem cell therapy ?
    his methods includes for signal strength enhancemeny his method is to give one stem cells in cervical region n other in lumbar like C part nad T part
    can take one's own nerve and then graft it in the spine region n then apply chip it wud b the surgry and then apply the stem cells and aucpunture and other therapies afterwards
    plz comment and if any one has any more info on this
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