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Thread: Laws Against Wheelchairs on Escalators?

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    How about on the walking treadmills/ ramps at airports? Anyone ever notice wheelchairs aren't allowed on them? I am wondering why... Any answers to that?

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    Those are really dangerous in a wheelchair. I have taken them sometimes when they are like ramps and it is nearly impossible to not roll down. And if I hold with my hands the chair flips over.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Escalator at Dubai airport

    I've used escalators for years. I would say I'm a lot safer than the able bodied people that go on them. They tend not to be as aware of what they are doing as me. I would says it's as safe as most things if you are confident in doing it maybe 99.9999999999999999% safe.

    I a few times you get security people having a go about it but usually they are too late. By the time they realize you are half way up or down. Not much they can do unless they turn it to go backwards.

    One thing happened to me the other day that really annoyed me. I was getting off a flight in Dubai airport. I know from past experience that most of the people there can't believe it when you can push yourself never mind use the escalator.

    I headed straight for the escalator and this big security guy grabbed me really hard. I thought this was dangerous as I could have fell out of chair backwards. I don't think there is any excuse for assaulting someone. I headed up the escalator anyway and he was not happy. Shouting up to me that it wasn't allowed. I shouted down to him that I couldn't back down again.

    Then a funny thing happened just after when I wanted to transfer terminals. The bus was not wheelchair accessible. The driver expected me to gewt up an walk up the stairs. I think Dubai airport has got some issues when they don't want me to use an escalator but are quite happy if I wanted to get up and walk up stairs. Just seems crazy.

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