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Thread: Rog Severson Passes Away

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    Rog Severson Passes Away

    I knew Rog had been having some health problems for about the last year or so. I was shocked when I heard the news about his death. He helped a lot of people. If not for Rog, there would be no $8 million, state of the art Goodwill Fitness Center. To me, Rog was someone who could make the improbable, probable. He will be missed.

    There is an article in today's Los Angeles Times about Rog. Here is the link.
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    Mr Severson,
    Was an angel and a friend of SCI that most people did not know. If you ever heard or used the SCI Fund that was his foundation and I know of a lot of people who benefited from his help. He was a man that never asked for attention or the spotlight. When I was hurt 6 years ago someone slipped him my phone number and he called me to ask if I needed anything. I didn't meet him until later when the Goodwill Fitness Center opened their doors. This gym is unbelievable!!!! He demanded state of the art equipment to help us with SCI or other types of disabilities have the necessary equipment to help with your healing.

    God Bless you and Rest In Peace, sir.

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    A big loss to the SCI community in CA. It was wonderful that he gave to those in need.
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