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Thread: Birthday Burgers

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post
    Wolfeman, burgers look great until I start thinking about pink slime. I know the FDA is so far refusing to label super market ground beef regarding this content. Do you know a way to buy ground beef and avoid pink slime?
    Yes there are a couple options.

    1. Buy a chuck roast or beef brisket and have the store grind it or grind it yourself. Make sure it's a place you can watch them grind it.

    2. Or if you want leaner burgers, go for sirloin or round roast if you want superlean and no flavor.

    This is the only way to ensure you get what you want without any random mix in's.
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    I buy my beef local. But I live in rural area so it's easy. They even deliver.
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