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Thread: Vinyl covering Activeaid padded seats.

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    Drive Medical Padded Raised Toilet Seat

    I also found this seat that I purchased from for $67.00. I took off all of the aluminum hardware and mounted just the padded seat on lexan.

    Drive Medical padded raised toilet seats can be found at their web site:

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    Guardian makes a stainless steel shower chair model number 99000 which is now discontinued. The complete parts department for this model was sold to another company. I have the same problem with the shower chair seat. After a period of time the vinyl seat starts to crack. Normally I would buy a new one for $148 which is a quick fix because you just pop the cushion off and pop the new one on and your ready to go!

    Now that all the cushions are bought up I made my own cushion for less than $50 dollars. I first purchased a 3/8" thick piece of lexan 18" x 18" which is a strong clear plexiglass material from a glass store; a store that sells or fixes glass windows and doors. A padded toilet seat from Sears Hardware, white silicon rubber and four stainless steel blots, washers and nuts.


    Very impressive.

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    titanium, very impressive!

    Quote Originally Posted by dr.zapp View Post
    I have the same problem- I tried the plastidip- it lasted about a week. I have already purchased 2 replacement seats in the last 4 years,so I am looking for something that will work long term too... I thought about silicone caulking, but have not tried it yet.
    That makes me wonder if sugru would work. I bet it would:
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    Thanks for all the great tips and idea for carrying out a repair.

    But there must a be a company somewhere in the US that covers foam with vinyl...
    Just like the poolside equipment.
    I could handle having one as a backup and sending the other to be repaired every time it splits.
    Until then, back to repairing...

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    Hopefully this may help others..

    I was using alcohol wipes to clean my vinyl seat.

    After speaking with the company
    I was told by the company not to use alcohol to clean the vinyl cover.

    Only use bleach.

    Can't say conclusively this is why it cracked...

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    i've got an active-aid toilet seat just like yours. mine looks like it was used since the 70,s. i've had mine duct taped over and over.

    i figured any upholstery shop could cover it. the problem is not having a back-up.

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