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Thread: Upside of Losing Dad?

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    Upside of Losing Dad?

    My Dad had money when he died...I'm not much of an heiress, though. He left it to universities, stuff like that. But I'm a trustee of the board of directors of the cash he left the counties. It's a gig, right? Doesn't pay much LOL.

    I just tried to walk Dingo at the BFE small town KS High School-and found that an complete sci kid, disabled parent, whatever, could not access the track, nor the bleachers.

    I might have a say in the funding of that?

    Making this town, or county, or wherever, chair user accessible?!

    Wow. I may have found a mission. That's funded. No fundraising required.?!

    Dayyuum, Dad, good move. This is a town, and county full of the elderly.

    Haha, I just called my stepmom and said "I hope you're keeping a master list, as I am hopefully disorganized. But I have a submission for the trust..." Ball's in her court, and she is NOT disorganized. Pray she'll see the logic of this suggestion as she has a lot more say.

    Dad went to this high school. He might have liked this idea too. He was the first to finish high school of the family, it was inaffordable for most. Everybody else went to work early, Dad hitchiked 15 miles to school and graduated. Etc.

    Last week I found a section in the County Historical Society, donated by Dad in memory of Grandpa. I was so startled to come around the corner and see that! Grandpa worked for Phillips Petroleum, they were raised in one of the oil-filled boom "towns" lease houses.
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    Now that's a mission and sounds like my high school even 20 years later I still can't go to football games easily.

    Put your heart and soul into doing what's right, you've done it before and it will benefit many people.
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    I am ELATED. Other board members will have their own agendas, no doubt. But suddenly I found one of my own. And I freaking hate fundraising-I suck at it. I sucked at it when I needed to be good at it w/ Unite 2 Fight Paralysis. Other board members far excelled, God bless you Sue and Marilyn.

    I'll prolly be bitching and crying again tomorrow. But Ima savor this moment!

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    No matter how organized your step mother is, this may indeed be the mission you need to organize and make yours since you are the embodiment of the need to make accessibility changes in this town. Take the lead here and you may get better results than relying on ABs to carry the message.

    Gee, just re-read what I wrote, and it sounds like a fortune cookie message, but what the heck, I'll let it stand as it is.

    All the best,

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    Awesome betheny, that's just the thing you (and others!) need.
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    Good for you Beth.
    I had the oddest dream last night. A dingo followed me home from the zoo.
    Then I heard Paradise City when I was driving and I thought of you.

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    too cool! go get 'em!!!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Good on ya Bethany!!
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Wow. Yesterday I rolled too far, I'm stiff. Dingo too. Last night I was hungry. So I ATE. I didn't dutifully, resentfully consume calories...I ATE.

    Woke up after 8 hours. Took Excedrin.

    Didn't gasp for air as I have every morning for 3 months. It's common w/ extreme grief, every bereaved parent does this. I reckon every bereaved everybody does it actually.

    And I have something good to do with this beautiful day. Thanks, Dad!

    Note to self: Dad's grave. Find it. Tend it. I was too stunned by the day of his funeral to take note of where we were although it's a spot I've visited periodically all my life.

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    Welcome back Betheny! No one leaves until their mission is completed. Just think, you just started so yeah, you'll be around for a long time. Best of luck!
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