A few years ago I bough my first hammock. Not just any bananahammock but a supershelter like this:

Now I have the latest model Deep Jungle Zip which is easier to get into and would suit people using wheelchairs.

What I have noticed that when I am using my hammock, provided it is warm enough, I get a really good sleep comparing to my latex mattress in my van.
Since my spinal injury I am not turning enough in bed and sometimes wake up with numb arm as I sleep over it for too long.

In my hammock I feel pain free and like in a cocoon where I can meditate and rejuvenate.

In a hammock I get no pressurepoints and sleep is much better as long I am warm.
To keep warm I use DIY underquilt and additional Insulation foil from Hennessyhammock. With a down sleeping bag I can sleep at 10 degress Celsius . Loose night socks and a beanie in my head keep the extremeties warm.
Hardest part is to find suitable camping spots with trees not too far in the bush so I can set up the hammock without too much bush bashing.
I am free camping just about every day so I often end up sleeping in the bush but in cities I need to use the bed in my van. My van is not long enough for my hammock unfortunately.

If I lived in a house I would set up some sort of rigging to use my hammock indoors.

Has anyone tried sleeping in a good hammock? Those cheapie and dangerous "Walmart" hammocks would not count as they do not allow you lie flat enough