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Thread: Beijing - CJO's Big Trip

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    Hey moderators, don't let this Acid infect this thread, please? Outta respect for what the man here CJO is goin thru, OK?

    Whos' got my back on this?

    Live for today, look to tomorrow

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    I hear you Morgan. Maybe they should set up a special board for all of acid's post. That way it will be easier to ignore.

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    Goodluck, May God be with you. Praying for yu and all others who are already there, and for those who are gong in the future.

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    Quote:"You're a person of humility" Cyber-caugh.
    This must have escaped me so far.
    This kinda pissed me off yesterday but I let it slide. Acid please show a little respect.

    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--unknown

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    Morgan, others.

    We'll keep our eye on posts that may dilute the topic.

    Thank you for your concern.

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    Good luck and thank you so much for paving the way for others. Look forward to your updates.


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    CJO, Best of luck...and please also pass this on to Bob and Tim. Thank you for what you are doing. The three of you are indeed pioneers. If this is not a cure, it is certainly a step in the right direction. If I had the money I would like to think I would be there right with you guys, but I'm not, so my thoughts and prayers will be with you tonight and in your recovery.


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    You're probably gone by now, Cjo.
    But I sure do wish you the best of luck.
    Whether you gain a lot, or a little, you'll have all of careCure members sending positive thoughts and energy your way.
    It's the courage of "early adopters" of the new thearpies that will lead to a cure. Like yourself, bilby, dmitiry, and many others who have tried new therapies...we all owe you guys for taking those steps which will help us all someday to actually take a "step."
    God bless ya man, and good luck!

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    God's speed CJO. You, your mom, and everyone else in China are in my prayers.

    You are all warriors. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

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    hey chris, what's going on? it's a beautiful 80% day here in SD and no wind. can't wait to hear from you....hope trip went well.....later

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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