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Thread: Unexplained belly pain

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    No Meds or illness that I can recall before this all started.It seems to come in waves. No pain for a while (WE have gone as long as 3 mo with 0 pain after Botox to the bladder. Urologist thinks this was a fluke because 2nd round of Botox didn't help as well) then maybe pain only in the evening.

    Someone mentioned seeing a physiatrist. Having trouble here finding one for SCI. The 2 i have found only deal with PT or Children with CP. Still looking.


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    For some people, botox does work once, twice or three times and then it doesn't. Not sure if that is a fluke or not.

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    Hi All,

    I wanted to update you on Angelo's belly pain. Last June he had surgery for a Mitrofanoff (urine cath through belly) and ACE (bowel clean out through belly). Now that everything has healed his belly pain has decreased to a 1 or 2, but most days he is a 0. I am so happy with this! I guess we will never know if it was bowel or bladder related, I'm just happy its almost gone.


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    That's wonderful news, Louise, thank you for letting us know!

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    Thank you for letting us know. Great news!

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    Have you considered a nerve block? Unfortunately with SCI we have to learn to accept that we sometimes will never have answers to 'why'. It sounds like nerve pain to me. You won't ever find a reason… Don't give up.

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