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Thread: The Ideal Research Lab

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    The Ideal Research Lab

    I have thought about what I would do if I were a researcher, but I would need certain equipment in my lab for my "research" to be done. What would you want in your ideal research lab?

    I doubt everything I would want even exists, but the first steps are always ideas, so here is my list of equipment in the ideal research lab:

    <LI>a cell receptor "prober"; basically a device that probes an array of cells to identify existing receptors
    <LI>receptor/genetic sequence matcher; a database that finds the given genetic sequence needed to bind a given receptor
    <LI>a passive "cellular eavesdropping" device; passively listens to and logs cellular instructions [eg, transcription factors] and outcomes

    That's it for now. I'll come back and add more or refine the current list.


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    I would want Dr. Wise Young, of course!

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    Networking with all research labs worldwide.

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    do it. Walt Disney

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    State of the art real time broad band audiovisual communication equipment that is of high enough quality to demonstrate sophisticated laboratory and surgical techniques over the internet so that travel of scientists between research labs is reduced and they can spend more time in the lab working on the cure.


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