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Thread: it's corned beef time again

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    it's corned beef time again

    I just picked up four pieces of heavily discounted corned beef for the freezer. They always go on sale St. Paddy's Day week. $1.75 a pound

    I prefer the point cut over the flat because it has more fat.

    let's face it, one does not eat corned beef for its health benefits.

    Also, imo it's much better braised than boiled. I think most of the packages sold these days have braising instructions on them. Better than "boiled dinner"

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    Wes, as the Wolfeman said, you can't talk about food without photos, so we expect to see the photos. lol

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    Mmmm-sounds good. I love corned beef and cabbage.
    Green beer too.

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    I'm going to have to look at the sale papers, something I seldom do. Just bought some corn beef at Walmart for $2.50 a lb. Regardless, can't wait to cook and eat !!

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    Great, now I can't stop thinking about having a reuben

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    Someone mention corned beef?

    Picked up a flat cut corned beef, soaked for 4 hours in water, changing the water ever hour. Separated the piece of point it had on it and very liberally seasoned with minced garlic and fresh ground pepper. Put meat indirect on the kettle with a couple pieces of cherry wood. Didn't monitor the kette temps or meat, once the meat had a nice bark I foiled.

    While the corned beef was smoking, I cut up two heads of cabbage, vidalia onion, added a stick of butter, salt, pepper, garlic and half a can of beer.

    After about 3 hours in the smoke, was satisfied with the bark an color, so it was time to foil until tender.

    I cut a small hole in the top of the cabbage for a 'little' smoke flavor for the first hour, then covered the hole.

    After about an hour rest, it was time to slice the meat. Fork tender, but slicable and very tasty if I may say so myself.

    Cabbage is nice and tender as well.

    My plate with whole grain stone ground mustard.
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    I have been looking a them in the store...going back and getting one now!

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    Damn, Wolf, that looks good!

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    Geez, now I'm hungry, thanks... lol

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