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Thread: Ideas for new shower bench in new house

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    Ideas for new shower bench in new house

    I am a t-8 and i am buildign a new house this summer. I need some ideas for a shower chair. It will be in an open tile shower. Id like it to be mounted to the wall or floor. any pics or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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    There several options for wall mounted shower benches and deciding on one will depend a lot on your ability to balance and feel stable on the benches. The wall mounted benches that I have seen have a seat that folds up and out of the way, however the seat depth is shallow, there is little or no cushioning, and there are no arms.

    One thing to remember when building the shower is to plan ahead, and decide where you want to mount things like grab bars and the wall mounted seat. You need to have extra blocking placed between studs to mount these items.

    Here is one that would address some of my objections:

    If you do an internet search "wall mounted shower chair" you will get quite a few ideas and find a vast range in price. Check out the search feature on Care Cure for other ideas for building out accessible bathrooms, kitchens and more. Members have shared many pictures of their projects that you might find interesting.

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    I would recommend a well-padded one. As above, if you have only poor to fair balance, get one with arm rests. Here is a site with a fairly wide range of options. Be sure it is mounted at the right height so that your feet are supported on the floor...balance is much more difficult if your legs are dangling off the side.


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    I got our new pull down grab bar from this place. Watch the prices and ask about shipping because the HEWI stuff is made in Munich, Germany and they tend to only keep the more commercial stainless steel type things in stock in their Maryland home office.

    If I were you I'd take a road trip up to . They now have universal design and Aging in Place design besides ADA products.
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