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Thread: Summary of topics related to Dr. Huang's OEG procedure

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    Summary of topics related to Dr. Huang's OEG procedure

    I've posted links to all the recent posts related to Dr. Huang in this topic for all those who are having trouble keeping up. I will update as needed.

    Dr. Huang's official website:

    OEC/OEG Patient Support website:

    Nedim at Beijing

    Nedim from Turkey has the OEG procedure.

    just arrived in beijing

    A member relates his experiences.

    OEG treatment of SCI vs. ALS

    Dr. Young provides in-depth responses to questions and concerns about Dr. Huang's treatment of ALS using fetal OEG's.

    Dr. Huang

    Dr. Young and others provide information re: obtaining a visa for travel to China.

    Jake's surgery in China

    A report re: Jake's (Dr. J.J.'s son) OEG procedure. Jake is the first of Dr. Huang's patients to have also received Dr. Kao's omentum transplant surgery.

    China Bound! Leo

    Leo Hallan's OEG transplant experiences.

    I have just returned from Beijing.........

    A member relates the progress of her ALS stricken father in law who has recently undergone the OEG procedure. Dr. Young offers travel tips.

    Stew in China May 11, 2004

    Follow Stew's reports from China.

    Dr. Huang's address and phone number?

    Send medical records/MRI's to this address.

    Some suggestions for the trip to China

    Self explanatory.

    Influence of patients' age on functional recovery after transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells into injured spinal cord injury.

    Dr. Young explains one of Dr. Huang's recently released patient summaries.

    Clarifications on Dr. Huang's OEG Procedure

    Dr. Young explains how a laminectomy is performed.

    Leaving for China

    Kitty relates information from China about her son Chris' OEG transplant.

    Beijing - MK99's post OEC transplant report

    Our latest CareCure member relates his progress after receiving Dr. Huang's OEC transplant in Beijing. The protocol used in this case was slightly modified.


    A member shares her post-op interviews with ten of Dr. Huang's patients, most of them para's. Very informative.

    China Support Plans

    Good advice from Dr. Young about pre and post-op considerations and other arrangements that should be made before seeking Dr. Huang's procedure.

    Dr. Huang

    Dr. Young urges patience for those seeking to contact Dr. Huang.

    Beijing - Wish to contact Dr. Huang? Please post here!

    All requests to contact Dr. Huang are posted here. Dr. Huang has revised his inclusion criteria to caution those expecting a full cure against having this procedure.

    I'm not a good candidate for Dr. Huang

    Dr. Young offers a theory to explain the early recovery seen after Dr. Huang's OEG procedure.

    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>New Spinal Cord Procedure Offers New Hope To Patients
    Michigan Rehabilation Institute Program Could Be In Place By Next Year</A>

    An article summarizing Robert Smith's (Handibob) experience in Beijing. Also news about the Michigan Rehabilitation Institute's plan to provide post- operative rehab. for Dr Huang's patients.

    CJO's Big Trip

    Cjo provides updates about his OEG procedure in Beijing.

    Progress Reports for everyone from this site having Dr. Huangs Procedure

    Curtis has compiled progress reports for the CC members who have undergone Dr. Huang's surgery. He provides up to date information about their pre-op injury status and post-op improvements.

    Cell Culturing

    Great explanation of how OEG's are cultured and more info. about Dr. Huang's patients.

    Dr. Young

    Dr. Young reassesses some of his observations about the post-op effects of Dr. Huang's procedure on spasticity based on new information. He also comments about Dr. Huang's innovative idea to offer second transplants and the impact it may have on future SCI research.

    World Renowned Researcher from China Speaks to Detroit Medical Community On Promising Cure for Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries

    News article about Dr. Huang's talk to the Detroit Medical Community regarding the use of OEG's for the treatment of spinal cord injury.

    Brief Report of My China Trip

    A must read for anyone who has questions about Dr. Huang's procedure, OEG's, CNS repair, regeneration and/or replacement. Very informative.

    HandiBob/Bob's OEG surgery report

    This topic contains updates from Bob who is in Beijing to undergo Dr. Huang's procedure.

    Tim C's OEG surgery report

    Our first CC member to take the plunge. This topic contains updates from TimC who is scheduled to undergo Dr. Huang's procedure. Tim also provides a list of the items you'll need to bring with you to China.

    Dr. Huang

    Dr. Young answers a question about Dr. Huang's eligibility requirements and whether those who've had omentum transplantation would be accepted.

    Wise:Neuropathic pain after OEG surgery.

    Dr. Young answers another members inquiry about Dr. Huang's procedure and neuropathic pain.


    Dr. Young explains in more detail why Dr. Huang's patients refuse Cyclosporin, he also explains why the use of immunosuppressants may not be
    necessary in transplants involving fetal cells. Jeff urges us to temper our enthusiasm about this proceduure since not everyone experiences improvement.

    Spasticity after OEG treatment?

    A members inquiry about the effect of Dr. Huang's procedure on spasticity.

    Beijing - Cards to be sent

    This topic provides contact information for well wishers interested in sending cards or letters to those awaiting Dr. Huang's procedure.

    Huang vs. Lima

    Brief discussion about Dr. Lima's and Dr. Huang's OEG procedures.

    Hallan hopes for a cure

    An news article briefly describing Dr. Huang's procedure and our own Leo Hallen's efforts to raise money for the trip.

    The opposing view to Fetal OEG Transplants that we should all be prepared for

    An opinion piece about Leo Hallen's decision to go to China and the religious rights opposition to using fetal tissue as a source for OEG's.

    On Dr Huang teaching other doctors

    A members inquiry about the possibility of Dr. Huang training other doctors to perform the surgery in the U.S.

    My notes from Dr. Huang's lectures

    A must read for those considering Dr. Huang's procedure. Provides up to date first hand information. Summarizes the procedure and discusses the recovery levels of some of his patients.

    OEG hype

    A must read informative discussion about OEG's and CNS repair.

    Who is going to Dr Huang for surgery?

    Comments and support for those going to Beijing.

    question about Huangs operation

    Dr. Young responds to a members question about the effect of Dr. Huang's procedure on neuropathic pain.

    cost of trip??

    Provides up to date info. about the cost of Dr. Huang's procedure.

    Beijing - Read me - Help TIM

    This topic was started to help get needed equipment to TimC who is undergoing Dr. Huang's procedure. Also contains contact information.

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    Thank you!! I've read it all several times, but when asked a question I can now refer to a specific area.

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    Thank you from me also! This was a very good idea! Carol

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    I just featured this topic, kindly compiled by Seneca, because people may be having trouble finding all the topics concerning Dr. Huang's OEG trial in Beijing.

    For those who are interested in Dr. Carlos Lima's trial in Lisbon, go to Links to discussions about Dr. Lima, his OEG procedure, contact information etc.

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    dr young , can you find out why dr huang doesnot put some cells into injured site as well as above and below.ican understand his reluctance to try combinations until the other item is proven however to add his procedure to injury site also might be advantagious.
    should carl come with you and have operation now ? just say the word. dr huang suggested now is better than later. thanks peter j riccio

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    Peter, Dr. Huang injects into the surrounding cord for three reasons:
    1. the injury site is frequently narrow and have few axons. Damage to any of the axons at the injury site may have significant deleterious effects on function. Sticking needle in and injecting 50 µliters of cells is not trivial. One µliter (microliter) is approximately one cubic mm.
    2. animal studies in our laboratory indicate that the cells survive much better when they are injected into the surrounding cord and they do not survive well (if at all) when they are injected just into the injury site.
    3. Olfactory ensheathing glia are migratory. Within a few days, they will have migrated into the injury site.

    Finally, of course, the main reason that he is continuing to do it this way is because he believes that it works. I recommend that Carl wait. As I have told you, I don't think that there is a time limit to the beneficial effects of this operation, if it is beneficial. By the way, I keep adding these caveats on because it is important that people don't jump to the conclusion that everybody recovers as a result of this treatment. By next spring, there should be a lot more information and I suspect that the procedure will be better, as well.


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    Today I received two emails from members requesting that their names be added to Dr. Huang's list. I'm not sure how/why these messages were routed to me instead of the intended; however, I'm now starting to wonder if any of our messages are reaching Dr. Huang. Does anyone have his email address and fax number?

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    khg, I think that you have your notifications set so that carecure site is sending you an email everytime somebody posts in that topic. To learn how to use that, go to How to Use Notifications. Wise.

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    I would like to know more about OEG transplants. We are new to spinal cord injuries. My 5 year old grandson Isaac was in a car accident 8 months ago and has a T5 complete injury. We are looking for any and all information that might help. Which I'm sure everyone else here is also trying to do. Is the OEG procedure similar or the same as stem cell transplants?

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    Kaye, please read the information provided in the links above. All of your questions have been asked and answered numerous times.

    To start you off, here's a brief overview of the sources for OEG's and the trials that are currently underway.

    There are currently four options:

    1. fetal olfactory bulb
    2. adult olfactory bulb
    3. adult olfactory mucosa (autograft)
    4. cultured cells from olfactory mucosa (autograft)

    The first is what Dr. Huang is doing. The adult olfactory bulb has OEG's and that is where most of the animal studies have concentrated on but it requires an operation to take one of the olfactory bulbs. The third option is being explored in Lisbon where the nasal mucosa is directly transplanted into the spinal cord. The fourth option is to grow OEG cells from the nasal mucosa and then transplant the cells into the spinal cord. This is being done in Brisbane.

    None of the results of the OEG trials have been published yet. I know that Dr. Huang has submitted a paper reporting his preliminary results. I have heard that Dr. Lima has submitted a paper as well.


    You can find more detailed information about OEG's in general, how they're cultured and their mechanism of action in the links below.

    OEG hype

    Cell Culturing

    Placement of OEG transplants and regenerating axons

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