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Thread: Beijing - Wish to contact Dr. Huang? Please post here!

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    Madrid, Spain; April 4th, 2005.

    Dear Dr Huang:

    We´ve heard from your technique in an article in the American Journal of Medecine. We´re really interested to present the case of Mrs Iruela Castillo, a 55-year-old patient diagnosed of Lateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis since 2002. We expect you will consider her case and contact with us for further information. We enclose an evolutive inform since the disease´s start in 2002 until her last visit to the department of Neurology at the Ruber Hospital (Madrid), April 2005.

    I remind at your disposal with best regards. Looking forward to your response, I thank you in advance for your attention.

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    dear dr Huang,

    does your proceedure assist body parts which are now numb due to surgery or other traumas. If so I would be most happy to discuss my issues further.

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    Dear Dr.Huang,

    Are you the fellow the Jews nailed to cross two thousand years ago?

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    Dear Dr. Huang

    My name is Araya, 23 years old. I'm suffering from C5 fracture and C6 dislocate from the car accident 4 years ago. I cannot walk at all and can't even stand by myself. All rehabitation rarely help to improve my conditions. The injuries also result in loss of sensation. I don't feel pain, hurt, hot and cold. I feel so hopeless until I have a chance to see your researches and all those new kind of therapies you have done to improve many patients with SCI. I'm willing to be one of those on the waiting list. I do believe that having the surgery with you is the most possible way to improve my conditions. I'm ready to go to China to seek for your advice if you would kindly response me back. In the case that you want more information about my symptoms, my rehabitation records or any other things, please contact me through my email at

    I plan to visit China with my family on this August or September in order to seek consult with many doctors there, so I do hope that you would kindly email me your address and your contact information, so that I can contact you and go to see you by myself. Your response will be highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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    This is a request to contact Dr. Huang Hongyun.

    Dear Dr. Huang,

    I am a 57 yr old Australian male. I was diagnosed with MND in Sept 2004, although I believe I have been experiencing symptons since 2002. My most noticeable symptoms are:

    Loss of dexterity
    Slurring of speech
    Increasing muscle weakness
    Shortness of breath

    I am very keen to make contact as soon as possible with a view to making arrangements for treatment.

    Please contact me as soon as you can. My email adress is or

    Trevor Ayliffe

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    Dr. Huang,
    Through Steve Byer, my husband Richard Carter is currently scheduled for OEC surgery May 2006. His ALS started with slurred speech. Right now his speech is relatively bad. His tongue is weak and he has trouble moving food around in his mouth. He has just started having weakness in his left arm and hand.
    I know this is a selfish request but by the time he has his surgery in a year his progression will be much worse and the repairs that will hopefully take place in his body will be much more.
    Can his surgery be moved sooner so the amount of repairs his body has to make is less? I do believe this surgery assists ALS sufferers and believe that the sooner the surgery can be done the better the chance of having the best result.
    Please let me know if his surgery can be scheduled sooner. I can be contacted at

    Thank you,
    Meghan Carter

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    Dear Dr Huaug,
    I'm posting here regarting to my uncle, Blagoje who is suffering from MND. He was diagnosed with it in '99' and now he has lost control of his arms and legs. His voice is also slowly depleting. The disease is getting worser by the month and he urgently needs help. Please contact me at,

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    Hi, my name is Bird. I am the assistant of Dr. Huang. Sorry for this delayed message.
    Please write to this email address if you wish to contact Dr. Huang:
    You may also visit this website for more information:

    Sincerely yours


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    My husband Javed Khan was injured 02/25/05.
    T-11 & T-12 Asia A. He is 51 years old. He would like to arrange surgery with Dr Huang
    ASAP before continuing his Rehab in Detroit.
    e-mail address

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