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Thread: Beijing - Wish to contact Dr. Huang? Please post here!

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    sorry email is

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    Dr. Huang, could you please email me regarding my son being added to the list for your procedure. He is 22 years old, incomplete C4, post five years. Thank you

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    I am interested in your surgery, I am a T12 5/18/01, with hipflexers.


    Thank You!

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    Hi Dr Huaug,
    I am also interested to meet you for the treatment and would like to know if I m a good candidate. My email address is
    Thank you.

    Steve Lachance

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    Dr. Huang,
    Please add Greg Martin. C6/7, incomplete, 1 year post Aug 17th. On 4AP right now - Clinical trial treadmill participant - very much sensation, toe wiggle on one toe/left foot. Some hand movement -right side better than left. Abs kicking in! Very active in rehab - swims 3 days week. Healthy.

    Thank you.

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    Dr. Huang I am also interested in your surgery can you please tell me the final price for surgery is it 20 or 50 thousand? Also when someone goes to China should they take their own supplies and medicines or is this already covered with the price.

    I am a c5 c6 contusion quad asia A 2 years post, stable. E-mail address

    I would like to get on the waiting list preferably for summer if possible. Also did any patients get relieved completely of neuropathic pain?

    Thank You

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    Dr Huang please put my son on the list he is t9 9/15/01 very stable. Check out email I send you. Thank you very much for everthing you are doing. email is

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    Dr. Huang, I too am very interested in your procedure and would like to be placed on the waiting list. I am C4/5 complete, 9 yrs post. If you could please email me at: Thank you

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    Dear Dr Huang Hongyun,

    My name is Lukhdeep Phull and im from london, UK. I have a spinal cord injury at the region of t6 and it is incomplete. the injury happened in dec 1993 and has been almost 10 years. At the present moment i have some movement and sensation in my legs and can walk very very slowly with crutches, this has come on by doing hard physiotherapy and exercises throughout the teen years after injury. Im really keen and willing to try your treatment and very very much so interested in the whole aspect. Please can you contact me on the information given below so we can discuss this further as i am willing to pay whatever and feel this will benefit my incredibly and also for your research purposes. Im willing to do it soon as possible and following the people gone from america i think thier names are tim c..i have been very much so impressed that it brings a tear to my eye that finally sojmething is being done to cure the millions of people around the world with sci. please contact me and i will be looking foward to hearing from you.



    Lukhdeep Phull

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    Beijing - Wish to contact Dr. Huang? Please post here!

    If you wish to contact Dr. Huang, please use this thread to keep the other ones from getting swamped.
    I will attempt to move all previous posts from other threads into this thread. I'd like to try to keep this as organized as possible! Thank you!

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